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Hi, people from Abadan,

This is a photo of me and my friends on our trip to Scotland in the late 70's. You can see the sixties and seventies hair and dress styles. From right, myself M. Ali Tahmoores, Abbas Falahi, Hussein Kondazi and Amir...?

I do not want to say this is [a picture of me and my Abadani friends] in the good old days just because the present one is worse. But what can we do? It is sad and full of memories. Anyway this is life

Here are my old classmates (Abrahim Ahsani, Mansoure Ohadi, Nasar Habibi, Mohammad Ordibhasht, Jafare Boshari and...?) with teachers in Thakht-e-Jamshid high school in Abadan.
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Sent by M. Ali Tahmoores

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