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Sober, not high
IRI's singular agenda is to stir up trouble and cause Washington more embarrassment in the Middle East


June 20, 2007

While there are those who believe that the Bush administration is "high on hate", some of the facts surrounding possible military action against Iran are being obscured just for the sake of inciting intense and primitive emotional reactions, which will serve to cloud the truth behind the issue even further.

It is without a shred of doubt that the current administration has enthusiastically engaged in games of Russian roulette when it comes to bending and breaking the rules both domestically and globally. However, engaging in military action against Iran using the same deeply flawed Iraq strategy would amount to certain political suicide, thus, the likelihood of a first strike against Iran is extremely low.

It is also important to remember that The War on Terror, which has turned into The War on Saving Face and Trying Not To Get Upstaged, Embarrassed or Killed by Arabs has already depleted resources to levels so low that virtually all of the Reagan-era military buildup has been wiped out. Weapons and materiel continue to be produced, albeit slowly, but the most vital military resource, personnel, is about to be named as an endangered species.

W may be a "lame duck", barred from re-election by the Constitution, but it is a sure bet that no one in the Republican Party will do anything that will give an already formidable Democratic Party a further advantage in 2008's elections. As Iranians, Iranian-Americans, or whatever label you wish to affix to your lapel, we should be recognize that a November 2008 victory for the party whose symbol is appropriately the jackass would set back any efforts to undermine the IRI and initiate any real regime change.

Recent commentary posted by "intellectuals" on this website that a military strike against Iran would be under false pretenses qualifies as utterly laughable. I will be the very first person to assert Iran's absolute unquestionable right to utilize available technology to build and maintain nuclear powerplants for civilian electrical generation purposes. But if this were truly the sole use of this technology, then complete transparency is required.

But as with all issues where the West, and specifically the United States is involved, the IRI's singular agenda is to stir up trouble and cause Washington more embarrassment in the Middle East. Washington has been Tehran's proverbial bitch since February 1979 and have held on to the championship belt ever since. The two capitals are likened to a pair of former spouses who harbor deep seated feelings and passion for one another long after the divorce was finalized. They can't live with each other, and they can't live without each other, just like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

However, should things escalate, or deteriorate, to the point of military action, before jumping on the bandwagon that it is entirely Washington's fault, remember the IRI's role in current events. Tehran's bilaakh to Washington over the nuclear issue notwithstanding, Hamas and Fatah are now at war with each other, with Hamas having virtually total control of Gaza, and Fatah having an increasingly fragile hold on the West Bank. Hamas, whose goal is to establish a so-called "Islamic government" is financed by the IRI.

The false pretense, as it is being called, is the simple fact that the IRI is bankrolling Arab criminals in Iraq, Lebanon, with increasing evidence of involvement with the Taliban in Afghanistan as well. These facts do not qualify as false pretenses. Questioning the patriotism and nationalist loyalty we have for our motherland because we are not denouncing the possibility of U.S. action is absurd, as well as insulting.

None of us wants to see or hear about bombs being dropped on Iran. We still have families there, we have ties that will never be severed. But don't confuse defending the IRI with defending Iran. Iran will always be Iran. The IRI's days are numbered. (We can hope)

The statement that Iran has been abandoned by Iranian-Americans is equally flawed, as the fact is that we cannot abandon a country that has shunned us. Some of us cannot go home without being harassed, detained, or worse. I am not only referring to those who were involved in some way, shape, or form with the monarchy. There are those who have been here since the days of the White Revolution who risk being subjected to the same treatment. But we are all Iranian or Persian. It is in our DNA.

Maintaining a legacy takes character, yes. But if want the IRI to be your legacy, you can have it. Even though I hope for a regime change from within, I think we should be grateful and take it any way it may come, however unlikely that may be. Comment

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Kaveh Nouraee

Kaveh Nouraee


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