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Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment to the writer Maral Karimi

By Maral Karimi

Beh jaaye monologhaaye faryaadi
Dialogue vs. confrontation

Cheraa farhange lompanizm?
Language and education


Break the cycle
Raise your sons to respect and admire women
By Dokhi Fassihian

Cheraa ezdevaaj nakardeham (2)
Why I haven't married
By Namdar Nasser

Cheraa ezdevaaj nakardeham
Why I haven't gotten married
By Namdar Nasser

Questions of faith and freedom
Does the exercise of power by a woman make her a prostitute?
By Darya Allen-Attar

Giving away faithlessness
... by putting forth grand questions about religion
By Massud Alemi

Making sense of faith and culture
Women turn the most patriarchal elements of shari'a law to their advantage
By Fereydoun Safizadeh


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