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All of the above
Opponents of war in Iraq twice as many

April 22, 2003
The Iranian

Results of a joint poll (April 13-20, 2003) by and

* Those against the war in Iraq were asked to choose one of the following reasons:

1- ... because this war is unfair and unnecessary. It is essentially a war for oil, not democracy. (118 votes, 10%)

2- ... because Saddam Hossein was a serious threat in 1980, when he invaded Iran, and 1990, when he invaded Kuwait. But Iraq in 2003 was not such a threat to justify this war. He and his regime could have been dealt with in other ways. (33 votes, 3%)

3- ... because this war will increase regional instability in the short and long run. (33 votes, 3%)

4- ... because this war will increase animosity towards the U.S. in Muslim countries and lead to more acts of terrorism. It will also divide Europe and America, and seriously weaken the United Nations. (33 votes, 3%)

5- All of the above. (510 votes, 45%)

Total against the war: 64%

* Those in favor of the war in Iraq were asked to choose one of the following reasons:

1- ... because I hate Saddam Hossein for starting the Iran-Iraq war (1980-88) which killed, wounded or disabled hundreds of thousands soldiers and civilians and destroyed or caused major damage to many Iranian towns and villages and industrial units. (69 votes, 6%)

2- ... because Saddam Hossein always has and always will be a threat to other nations. (28 votes, 2%)

3- ... because the United Nations has not been able to deal with the Iraqi threat in an effective way. (15 votes, 1%)

4- ... because this war will eventually end in the establishment of a democracy in Iraq and send a message to all dictators and extremist religious groups in Muslim countries (including Iran's theocracy) that the U.S. will take military action against them if it necessary, with or without UN support. (73 votes, 6%)

5- ... All of the above. (218 votes, 19%)

Total in favor of the war: 34%

Total invalid votes: 2%



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