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Be fair
People like Ebadi have fought for freedom and human rights in Iran for the past 23 years. What have you done?

By Taraneh Izadi
November 26, 2003
The Iranian
When I first read Sheema Kalbasi's piece about Shirin Ebadi [Ayatollah Ebadi?] nothing happened to me. The unjustified lines and the weak reasoning did not annoy me this time. Because as an Iranian who has witnessed daily personality assassinations by the so-called opposition through satellite broadcasts and the internet, I have long gotten used to remarks like that.

I understand the feeling of people like Kalbasi I who hate Islam to the extreme. They have been victims of the Islamic regime like me and you and many others. The problem is that they don't understand the people living in Iran. They are so selfish and arrogant that they call religious people names. From their point of view, people who believe in Islam don't have the right to say or do anything.

I sometimes witness this lame and crippled opposition of ours slander all politicians, musicians, movie makers and other professionals who dare to live and work inside the country. They are all spies and agents of the regime, they say. In fact they blame all of us who still live inside the country for being alive and breathing under the reign of the Islamic Republic. Look at the way they treated the Forouhars, Mohammadis, and Amir-Entezams. And look at the way they systematically attack artists like Googoosh for not being in line with their agenda.

For your information, brave people like Ebadi have fought for freedom and human rights in Iran for the past 23 years. The same years you spent in nightclubs and concert halls abroad. Ebadi was sent to jail when she was falsely accused in the "Navarsazan" case and she defended the Forouhar family after the murder of Dariush and Parvaneh -- a case no other lawyer dared take. And Ebadi was the only lawyer who took the case of the victims of the student uprising.

When you were having a wonderful time in the new world, Ebadi courageously published articles on discrimination against women in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran. She found 75 contradictions in different chapters of the constitution and proudly raised her voice against them. She fought for the law on child custody and in the case of Arian, the 8-year-old girl who was murdered by her stepmother.

What did you do all these years? Do you call your trashy remarks a form of opposition against the regime? Come on. For god's sake be fair and take off your pessimistic, jealous glasses off your face for one second and be realistic. Can anybody in this country say a word against Islam? Can you? Will you?

You and people like you have been so far away from your country that you have forgotten that even the most educated people here in Iran are Muslims. And you can never deny the rights of a nation in believing in their faith. People like Ebadi have always respected this right which at the same time asked for the separation of the church and state INSIDE IRAN, not millions of miles away like you.

When I see the small number of people who turn out in front of the Federal building in Los Angeles (as shown on the same trashy TV channels) to protest against the regime, I appreciate the works of people like Shirin Ebadi. Don't forget she has never asked to be a symbol of anything. It is your problem when you raise expectations and later on start screaming when you don't see the results you want.

I will never get upset over the revolting remarks of our weak, jealous and greedy opposition anymore >>> Kalbasi's reply

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