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Badi could do better
... in the California race for governor

By Majid Yekan
October 5, 2003
The Iranian

I attended Payavand's Mehregan festival in Cupertino and listened to Badi Badiozamani, one of the Iranian-American candidates for California governor. Then something clicked and I wanted to speak to him about it but couldn't.

Here's what I propose:

What Badiozamani has done has been great for us. He has brought a fair amount of recognition to Iranian-Americans. However, being practical, I ask what is the chance of him getting elected? Not much and that is a gross understatement. If all -- and I mean all -- eligible Iranian-Americans vote for him on Tuesday, his name might end up in the top 10 candidates with the most votes.

However, Iranian-Americans have their own priorities and preferences. Some will vote Democratic because they belong to a union or believe that Democratic governors will support their causes the best. Some are Republicans and will vote for the top Repubmican candidates.

Some are practical and want their vote count in electing someone. Many Iranians saw how voting for Ralph Nader elected Bush. Because of all these reasons, I really believe Badiozamani will not get a significant share of the vote. I'm afraid if he gets just a few thousand votes it could even be counter productive.

Politics is the art of compromise. That is why I suggest that Badiozamani consider talking to the top candidates of both main parties and then negotiate with the best candidate to get him to support the causes that are dear to Iranian-Americans.

Then he can promise the candidate that he would go on Iranian TV and radio stations to throw his support behind the chosen candidate. Hopfully, if the person gets elected then he can have an open channel to the future governor and achieve more for the Iranian-Americans and himself.

I even hope that Badiozamani gets appointed head of a govenment board or committee. This way he could build up your network and hopfully may be a major party will support his candidacy for some top political office such as governorship, senate, or congress in the future.

I know  many will not like this idea but I really believe it would be better for you and Iranian-Americans?

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