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Why I'm not a Muslim
You see this Osama guy? He is the real Islam

September 11, 2003
The Iranian

Sent to on September 27, 2001, days after the 9/11 tragedy. It is being published for the first time.

I have been thinking about this for a long time, even before the attack on New York and Washington. I have not been able to come up with a sure answer. I am talking about Iranians and Islam, especially Iranians in the Western world.

For example, why is it that we suddenly become such a good Muslims when we are faced with these situations? Aren't we the same people who have a beer now and then, we like to watch pretty girls and drive BMWs? Aren't we the same people who ran away from Islam? Then why do we defend it? To be honest with you I find it very funny.

I for one was born a Muslim and have a very religious name to prove it. Is that the answer? That we think that we are stuck with this thing so we might as well deal with it and if I am a part of it then it must be the greatest thing ever?

Since I can remember, I had a problem with a God who had nothing better to do so he created us to bend over five times a day so he can feel better. I find that very selfish and if he is truly that way then he is not worth worshiping. Don't get me wrong; other big religions are not any better.

I know that I did not run away from Iran's mountains or the weather or even the economy. I ran away because of this religion and it's followers. I know, one might say "but that is not real Islam that they have in Iran"; you know what that's right that is not real Islam, the real one is even worse. You see this Osama guy? He is the real Islam.

Let's get back to what I started. Is it because this religion has been forced into our culture so deeply that we simply would not have one if you took Islam out of the equation? That reminds me of my childhood days when the Ashoura and Tasoua were the most fun days. Just like the carnivals in the South America, but instead of being happy everybody was suppose to be sad.

The Akhound was talking nonsense and elders were crying and really thinking about how they are going to put up with the punishments when they get to hell, some others used it as a therapy sessions to empty themselves from all the negative feelings. The young people on the other hand used the opportunity to find new girl/boy friends and maybe even get lucky in that holly night. I know that not everybody is like that but the ones who are not then what the hell are you doing here in the Western world then?

Sorry about that one, it just jumped out of me. Let's get back to the subject... For a real Muslim even the most religious person in Iran is a kaafar and they are right because what we call Islam is a mixed up confused version of the real thing.

We are still mourning the death of a political leader who died 1400 years ago over a political struggle. It is like if our grand grand grand children said that Masoud Rajavi was a holy man. You know who I am talking about; the guy who has been a sellout all his life. How stupid would that be? After all, our religion started as a political group and a division from the main group of the rulers who controlled the Islamic empire.

Anyway, I know that a lot of people will hate me for what I just said but that is exactly why I am not a Muslim and I do not live in an Islamic society . For those who got upset about what I said, well too bad for you that we are not in Iran so you could beat me up and force me to deny it all.

P.S. Don't publish my name and email just in case Osama and his Buddies decide to read your pages.


An Iranian who thinks outside of the box

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