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Governor Ken
My job will be to represent the people of California!

September 12, 2003
The Iranian

I advocate resolving budget deficit by rebuilding the employment market in California and discouraging outsourcing US jobs and technologies. I will specially work to end the invisible government structure of special interest. -- Ken Hamidi, August 3, 2003, Campaign Kickoff Speech

Ken Hamidi's in-depth world experience has exposed him to the many strengths and weaknesses and ups and downs of our modern society. Ken stood up for his rights and for the rights of fellow Intel employees in a battle all the way to the pinnacle of the California Supreme Court. Ken chose to fight for Free Speech for only one reason: to defend his rights and to defend the rights of other Americans unable to defend themselves.

In 1995, Ken Hamidi founded the Face Intel organization (Former and Current Employees) to support / inform / educate employees with regard to their legal and human rights. In 1996 he developed the website to spread the word worldwide. But Intel obtained an injunction barring him from emailing employees within Intel about information regarding their rights as human beings and as employees in a modern workplace.

Ken's deep resolve and belief in the U.S. Constitution drove him to selflessly fight for the interests of all Americans in a precedent-setting case about Internet law and free speech, which took five years of sacrifice with NO MONETARY GAIN. The rule of law ultimately prevailed because the Intel Corporation lost its fight to stifle free speech when the California Supreme Court ruled in June of 2003 in Ken's favor

Now that the Supreme Court battle is behind him, Ken appeals to you for support as he wages the political battle to get California State government out of the hands of the special interest groups. Ken is committed to fighting the Corporate and special interest stranglehold on government and their abuse of power. Ken's list:

* Stop Mismanagement of state affairs
* Government fails to correctly identify the state's REAL problems
* Lead us out of reaction mode to force proactive solutions to real state problems
* Refuse to allow deduction of union dues to be given as government pay-offs
* Prevent abusive special interests having access and influence with public representatives
* Stop corruption amongst state officials
* Stop undue influence of government agencies

I will prevent bargaining in bad faith with State employees union. I will stop the State from manipulating State employees jobs, wages and cost of living increases >>> News & politics forum

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