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I'm with Ameri!
She's got morals, dedication, progress, democracy, freedom, equality on her mind

By Slater Bakhtavar
April 14, 2004

Goli Ameri, the Iranian-American running for Congress in Oregon, is an educated, hard-working, dedicated, moral, progressive female who loves freedom, democracy and her Persian heritage, she is the modern day symbol of prosperity and hence a logical member of the Republican Party.

It is a privilege and an absolute honor to see my fellow Persian females progressively advancing themselves through morality and prosperity in the United States.

Let me remind those seeking to undermine her progress in the United States and conclusively labeling her as a "neo-conservative", that they cannot break her foundations through mass propaganda.

True, there are certain "neo-conservative" elements within the establishment, but they are minimal and do not court well within the Republican party. That being said it's unfortunate that through their "courting" agenda the "leftists" have been able to resort to labeling anyone strongly opposed to the dictatorship in Iran as "neo-conservative."

Unfortunately, some recently a-tuned Iranian-Americans groups have taken up the agenda so strongly advocated by the dictatorship in Iran. "Label anyone against the Iranian dictatorship a "neo-conservative."

This illegitimate leftist funded hysteria is working to undermine any form of opposition within the United States. Any opposition within the United States is effectively being labeled and denounced while leaving the only alternative as the Democratic Party.

The same Democratic Party who's current front-runner, John Kerry recently sent a letter to the Tehran Times, denouncing US support for pro-Democracy forces in Iran, apologizing for President Bush's strong stance against their terrorism, and calling for immediate "negotiations" with Iran's hard-liners.

Essentially, John Kerry, wants to cut deals and bargain with the Islamic Republic. His agenda involves cutting deals with the Islamic Republic, if they promise to aid reconstruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States will pull away any kind of support for pro-Democracy forces in the country and recognize the Iranian government.

That being said, Ameri and the Republican Party should be lauded for their strong stance against the Islamic Republic. President Bush, has consistently reiterated his support, and encouragement to pro-democracy student demonstrations in Iran.

In spite of the total fabrications and lies of the left, he's "denounced" any suggestion of military intervention in Iran, clearly separated the "people" of Iran from the "government" of Iran, and emphasized Iran's cultural and ethnic heritage as Persians.

The Republican Party's platform is pro-life, family orientated, encourages hard-work, prosperity, faith, progress, freedom, democracy, and strong support for the pro-Democracy movement in Iran. The party's platform is consistent with the mentality and ideology of the majority of Iranian-Americans and should be lauded instead of condemned.

I'm extremely proud of my fellow Persian, Ameri, she's got morals, dedication, progress, democracy, freedom, equality on her mind.

Let's unite and remind her that Iranian-Americans are strongly behind her cause, because her cause is progressive and her cause is just.

Make no mistake about it - I'm with Ameri!

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By Slater Bakhtavar




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