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Rock the vote with Ameri
Being Persian-American is more than enough

By Faye (Fereshteh) Farhang
April 9, 2004

Goli Ameri has a possible chance of winning a seat in Congress from Oregon and we are questioning our vote? Take a deep breath, recollect your thoughts and reconsider! She's PERSIAN.... did we somehow forget that tiny yet extremely significant fact? Isn't everything we do in the US, or anywhere abroad in the name of Iran a testament to our need for representation.

I did enjoy reading Sepand Rezaii's article regarding Ameri ["Aunt Ameri"] and as a democrat and a liberal I agree that most Iranian-Americans except for those unfortunate Republicans may not agree with all of Ameri's " politics."

But the fact that she is Persian and the first one to have a chance in Congress is significantly important here. Afterall she knows where she comes from-- and she knows that she can never change that-- no matter how Republican she becomes. Anyone who names her first born Darius is indeed a Persian at heart.

What Iranian-Americans need to ask themselves is if they would rather have her or another neo conservative who doesn't share "our" origins or (could care less about them) in Congress?

With Ameri in Congress at least we are a step ahead of where we were standing before.... without her.... well, we are in the same place. You and I may not agree with her "politics" but the fact that she is Persian and the first one to have a chance in Congress is phenomenal.

In conclusion-- we are taking baby steps, but they are better than no steps. It is important for us as a community to know that we cannot politically succeed overnight. But we have to embrace any and all doors that open to us and acknowledge our representation as Iranian Americans.
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By Faye Farhang

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