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Armed with democracy
A weapon America has no defense against

By Jerry Quill
February 25, 2004

Iran now faces one of the most diabolically evil forces set loose on the world throughout human history. The American Empire. Its corruption and lethality are legendary. Hell bent on world domination, it destroys nations for the sheer sport and pleasure of its "industrial, military complex". Now its crosshairs are placed firmly on blessed Iran. How can she possibly defend against these depraved bastards?!? 

Well, there are examples of countries liberating themselves from the dark cloud of America servitude. After WWII, for all practical purposes, France was occupied by the sinister US warmongers. But the brave French rose up and expelled this scourge from their land. And they did it with democracy. Germany, Japan, and smart countries all over the world built powerful democracies to ward off the evil Americans.

For more than 200 years sinful hate filled Americans have plotted to occupy and enslave Canada. But even with a far inferior military, Canadian democracy has held the wolves at bay, all the while using its enemy's economy to its own advantage.

This is the answer for Iran. A thriving secular democracy that champions equal rights and justice for all its people and all the people of the world is a weapon that America has no defense for. To rub salt in the wounds, normalize relations and lure Western capital investment into Iran. How ironic for Iranians to prosper and their nation to flourish while draining the resources of its most vicious enemy all the while being protected from American invasion.

I wonder, during the planning of 9/11, did anyone in the Bin Laden camp ask: If we do this, do you think the Americans will come chase us into the mountains? Had Osama and the Taliban been smart, they would have written a constitution that advanced principals of religious, political and economic freedom for Afghanistan and then held free elections. "Take that American scum!!"

Today Iran supports the terrorists who create the fear that murderous Yankee arms dealers thrive in, giving George Bush just the excuse he needs to perform his treachery. Let's face it, the United States could not believe that democracy will succeed in Iraq. If it did, how would the rabid imperialists steal all Iraq's oil and enslave it's people?

If all the nations in the Middle East were to embrace democracy and basic human rights and settled their differences through peaceful negotiation the wicked American dogs would scurry from the Gulf with their tail between their legs. Down with America!! Up with democracy!!

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