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Full relations
Setting aside far-fetched idealistic goals in Iran-U.S. ties

Kyle Saghafi
July 30, 2004

According to the author of the long and rather detailed analysis "Do not be fooled", it is clearly obvious what the current and near future US policy toward Iran should be based on. You have not given an all-around and comprehensive consideration to all the facts. The main premise of your argument seems to entail what is best for the governments of Iran and U.S., rather than what is in the best interest of their respective people.

I don't think that your proposed long term rapprochement policies would really have a chance to sustain themselves if U.S. foregin policy loses its focus on restoring ties with the Iranian government.

If you really think about it you'd realize that there is a dire need of restoration of full relations in every respect, politically, economically and socially, especially given the current status of the Iranian citizens. This is not the question of falling behind in a race towards close and friendly ties with Iran, against the European countries, including Britain.

I could not agree with you more on the shrewdness and yet at the same time creativity of British politicians, that has portrayed itself over and over throughout the history. But for the sake of the overall welfare of the Iranian people, one must take a step forward to open the gates of prosperity and a better future and close the doors of endless political strategizing and bickering, until one can propose a solution that would sound suitable to both governments.

That would take several light-years to implement! The point that I am trying to emphasize here is that regardless of the level of viciousness and inhumanity that this regime has been associating itself with, the people of Iran should not have to be the one to pay the price and take the blame.

The "akhoonds" may have been playing hide and seek with the Western governments, and lied about whatever modern technologies or advanced weaponry in their possession, but let us set our far-fetched idealistic goals and our political idealism aside and turn our attention instead to what is politically and practically obtainable at this day and age, with the current systems of government in place in both countries.

I welcome the news on that exchanging process and I will pray for the day that it finally materialize and translate into a real positive change for our people.

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By Kyle Saghafi



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