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G.I. Farrokh
The fact that a deserter received only a slap on the wrist is outrageous

Farrokh B.
November 27, 2004

One of the reasons for which I, just an Iranian with a green card at the time, joined the ranks of the US Army over 17 years ago was out of pure financial and situational necessity.

I was a husband to an unemployed wife with no high school diploma and a father to a three year old daughter, while I held only an associate degree in science for which I couldn't find any job offerings.

But that wasn't all!

By time that I made the well rehashed and re-thought decision of signing that dotted line and giving the ownership of myself to Uncle Sam, I had lived in the United States long enough to learn and comprehend for myself that the ideological foundations upon which the US constitution was erected were noble and worthy of defense by me. Even if it meant that I die in their defense.

I damn sure hoped it wouldn't be so though! And I am keeping my fingers crossed for the less than three years that I have left to retire!

But let there be no misunderstandings. I will soldier, like I swore to, till the end of my contract with the US Army. Oh, I so know and love my M-16A2 rifle just like I know and love my wife. No US-hating mother fucker that ends up in my rifle sights will survive!

I always had a warrior side to me that manifested itself in my childhood by my desire to join the ranks of the Pishahangs (the Boy Scouts). I loved the whole discipline and uniform shebang. But my dad, based on his political ideologies and hatred of Shah never allowed me to participate, and joining the US Army also satisfied my desire to be a warrior.

But this guy, Jenkins makes me want to puke! And the fact that he received essentially no more than a slap on the wrist for his desertion is outrageous.

So what does that say to me and my comrades in arms in our time of war right the fuck now? Go ahead and desert? You'll be fine later on down the line? Fuck that.

For me and every GI who died in Iraq and all the other wars, he should have been smoked!

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Farrokh B.



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