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Persian (traitors) gulf
The mullahs have basically sold us out to the Arabs

Amir N.
November 29, 2004

When I was eleven I always imagined Iran the number one country in the world. Nothing would make me so proud as to hear Iran's name amongst the worlds top countries. But everything I wished for my motherland is slowly being destroyed by the current regime in Iran.

The idea of changing the Persian Gulf to aka Arabian Gulf did not develop just yesterday. The Pan-Arab movement has been trying to change the name for almost 50 years. But the Shah intervened several times and even threatened the Arabs of going to war. However now, with an Arab friendly regime in Iran, it is much easier for the pan-Arab nationalist to achieve what they wanted fifty years ago. The regime in Iran will not challenge them, and why should they?

When the revolution happened, I was 7. I remember that the Islamic Republic wanted to prevent us from celebrating our traditional Eid-e Noruz and Charshanbeh Souri. For a long time they tried to prevent us from celebrating our national customs and cultural traditions but failed. On the other hand, they also tried to bring Arab customs, language and culture and force it on us, and so far they have succeeded.

The change of the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Gulf is not just one of the criminal acts promoted by the current regime. As many of you might remember Khomeini gave over billions of dollars to Yasser Arafat. They helped create the Hezbollah terrorist organization whose main purpose was to protect and serve the Islamic Republic and its ideology.

Yes, we have lost our pride and identity since the Mullahs took over. They have basically sold us out to the Arabs. Our sisters are working in whore houses in Dubai and other Sheikhdoms with full knowledge of the Iranian government.

Let's not forget our compatriots who love to go to Dubai and spend lots of money in those Arab countries. Let's not forget to mention the Iranian pop stars that go to Dubai to perform or give concerts (Iranian pop star Mansour will perform at the Marina Club on the second day of Eid. The Eid concert in Bahrain is the second following the huge success of his concert last year.) And let's not forget those Iranians who have invested billions of dollars in Dubai and Bahrain and other Sheikhdoms. I consider all of you traitors and criminals.

I consider all those who travel to any Arab country and spend money traitors to the Iranian people and the Iranian nation. They are back stabbers to all those heroes and soldiers who gave their life to protect Iran and our nation from the Arab invasion 1400 years ago to the 1980's Iranian and Iraq war. All those Arab countries were cheering and protecting Sadam regime to kill our soldiers. All those Arab countries were providing financial backing to the Sadam regime so it can bomb our cities and kill our brothers and sisters and rape our mothers so that the Iranian pride will be destroyed forever.

What is wrong with you Iranians? Don't you remember how your countrymen gave their lives in those battles so that they protect your country? What is wrong with you people? Don't you remember how Saddam used chemical weapons on us and many of our countrymen died and some are still in the hospital beds all over Iran suffering from horrible pain?

Yes, we lost our national identity long time ago, but mostly because of ourselves. The pan-Arab movement has for long time dreamt of the destruction of Iran and the Iranian nation. The pan-Arab movement sees us as the number two enemy to the Arab people after Israel.

By changing the name Persian Gulf to the Arabian Gulf the pan-Arabists have struck the toughest blow to the Iranian nation since the 1980 Iraqi war against Iran. The pan-Arab movement's huge investment in the U.S., powerful lobbyists in Washington and propaganda organizations such as Aljazeera have accomplished tremendous things. They have learned from the West how to use propaganda and special interest groups to influence decisions made in Congress and other governmental agencies.

National Geographic's decision to change the name Persian Gulf to aka Arabian Gulf should have not come as a surprise; we should have had seen it coming. They have been lobbied for years by the pan-Arabists who have invested tremendously in the National Geographic enterprise.

Next is the sell out of our three islands to UAE and other Iranian islands to the Arab countries. Then National Geographic will even refer to us as Arabs.

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