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The Shrub
Who supports the shrub? Who finances almost all of his campaign? The religious belt

Nilufar Chakeram
October 29, 2004

November 2 is Election Day and, just like everyone else, I am very nervous. I have been asking myself why people would vote for the non-elected president Bush. It just doesn't seem clear; there is no good reason why anyone in their right mind should vote for him. I've thought about the precarious situation and I have an answer.

Americans are idiots. People say it all time, Europeans laugh at them; they are the joke of the globe. The bulk of people from the mid-west, the south everywhere basically, with the exception of major cities like New York, L.A., or Boston, don't pay attention to the news and what goes on in the world because nothing concerns or bothers them.

Sure they pay attention to Iraq NOW, after New York was desecrated and the shrub invaded Iraq.  It is so sad that it took such a horrible catastrophe to wake America up. And instead of asking the question, who did it and WHY? We immediately went on a hunt ‘to smoke them out.'

Maybe its me but I just think we handled it completely wrong. We should have maintained a focus on Osama and tried to secure better foreign policy decisions. We have ostracized every other country, except those that are in our behinds (U.K. and Tonga) and for what? These poor soldiers that went off to fight for this country are dying left and right for no reason, its all in vain. I am sick of seeing those stupid stickers that support the troops, I feel like I should feel bad but I don't. There was no reason to invade Iraq.

Who supports the shrub? Who finances almost all of his campaign? The religious belt. All these churches fund his campaigns and they have a lot of control over their members. I have always maintained that religion is deadly. It can be so powerful and overwhelming that people actually become blind to logic. For example, I think this was made evident when the Taliban was allowed to take over.

When I talk to people from these religious states, wherever they are, my words always fall on deaf ears and they refuse to listen to logic or reason. They are intoxicated with the shrub's ideologies that he is going to keep us safe. How can he protect this country when even I hate him? He doesn't even have the capacity to immunize us from the flu.

As a result of lack of education in the U.S., people are blindly hailing this war and its pretenses and consequently voting for Bush this season. If you look at the map, there is more red than blue if you look only at the colors, however, if you check the numbers it seems a bit off because Kerry is roughly 8-10 electoral votes behind.

How is that possible with all that red? Because New Yorkers and Californians have the biggest population, they carry the most votes and have consecutively voted D.  Bush does not support education because he doesn't want his support group to grow a brain. We are slowly turning into a police state and we are supposed to be the enshrinement of freedom and democracy?

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