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Blaming all because of a few
The biggest victims of the Islamic revolution were the "akhoonds", because a selected few of them made the name of ALL of them bad

Dariush Abadi
January 4, 2005

In response to B. Bamdad's, "KhKhKh":

Since when have ALL the "turban-heads", aka Akhoonds/Mullahs been hurtful to Islam and Muslims? Just because we have a few khaens in power with the turban on (whom islamically you can call munafiqhs, because they use Islam for their own worldly desires) doesn't mean every akhoond/mullah is evil or bad.

In fact, the prisons are filled with students of the howza, and the majority of the grand Ayatollahs (Sane'i, Taheri, Montazeri, etc.) are either under house arrest or their assets are frozen. Then their is Grand Ayatollah Sistani whom favors a strict seperation of politics from religion (but not as strict as his predecessor, Grand Ayatollah Khoe'i).

Let us not forget that it was Grand Ayatollah Khoe'i that supported the Shah over Khomeini during the Revolution. He called the people to stop revolting and go back to the monarchy rather than try an Islamic government.

The biggest victims of the Islamic revolution were the "akhoonds", because a selected few of them made the name of ALL of them bad. The good ones are constantly beat up or harassed, and the rest dare not even speak in fear of being beat up or harassed.

So to make fun of these "characters" (ayatoilets as you called them), is to bring yourself as low as those who are betraying the cloth. It is equivelant to blaiming ALL the Jews for the crimes committing by a few in power. Just because a few thick-headed Jews here or there do something bad doesn't make the whole Jewish race responsible. And just because a few Alims (akhoonds/mullahs) do something bad, doesn't mean they should all be condemned. And let me note something to you.

If you mock and ridicule ALL the alims (mullah/akhoonds), then you are only dividing society and setting yourself up for a major civil war in the future (of which the weapons and the willingness to die is on the side of those who believe in God and martyrdom, not the students who are looking for bread and a better life).

To bring about a better Iran, you need the support of the dissident Ulama (Grand Ayatollah Sane'i, Montazeri, Taheri, etc.) By making fun of them, you are only creating further wedges between your movements and the people. Islam is only the enemy of the diaspora. The majority of people in Iran still believe they are Muslim, and they know the satellites lie to them when they claim the contrary.

The people of Iran aren't stupid. And to mock the mullahs, is to mock a HUGE section of society (45% are still conservatively religious, following the ulama very closely). They might not be in Tehran, but you need the support of ALL the country if you ever want to succeed in anything. Tehran is NOT Iran.

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