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All Iranian Denial Syndrome (AIDS)
At this rate it won't be long before we will witness in Iran what happened to Yugoslavia


Matt Bina
July 14, 2005 unedited

Why won't Iran ever advance? As far as I can look back in our history, I see that the only Golden Times of our country was 2500 years ago when Korosh Hakhamaneshi became the ruler of Persia and made his dynasty an ever more powerful nation with liberty, Justice and freedom for her citizens.

But shortly after his death, the decline of Iran began and ever since, Iran has been reducing in size and Majesty and we have lost piece by piece from that empire that Korosh had created down to the small nation that we are left today. King after King have come and gone! Dynasty after Dynasty have come and gone! Until 1979, after 2500+ years of Kingdom, when the Iranian people saw that perhaps, just perhaps, the Kingdom may have been the problem!

So we celebrated the new arrival, of this baby that we named "Islamic Republic"! Well the baby is now 26 years old! So what's the deal? Why are things still so messed up over there? It's not a Kingdom anymore and yet things are still not golden! Relatively speaking the baby is still very young, but it appears that the baby has to be placed in the ICU! The baby is sick! And the Doctors have no clue how to fix her! Do we need another 2500 years to decide?

The fact of the matter is, this disease is just like AIDS but with different words comprising this acronym, it stands for All Iranian Denial Syndrome (AIDS), and we don't know how to treat it. And as long as we don't acknowledge the disease, fixing the symptoms won't cure anything! Sometimes I feel that we don't really want to cure ourselves and we rather live with this disease until death. After all if we get rid of its crippling "Me-Manship" no sorry it's "Me-and-only-Me-Manship" symptoms, what will we do with ourselves all day and all year? Year after year! What will keep us busy and occupy us? And don't you know it ... there is a method to this madness!

If I were to diagnose from the symptoms, I would say that our sub-conscious goal must be to rid Iran of her entirety! And in few more years we'll achieve just that ... after all look at the history! At this rate it won't be long before we will witness what happened to Yugoslavia to unfold exactly in Iran. And many countries such as Kurdistan, Khuzestan, Azerbaijan and others will emerge sooner than you think from her! And not a moment too soon either, my beloved countrymen! More power to you! At least then perhaps you can save yourselves from a total devastation to such countries like Amricaestan, and Engeleesestan!

I would only hope that they are smarter than bringing a foreign occupying force just like this deadly virus into their newly established countries like we did to mess things up again! After all when infected with this AIDS, the ultimate is either death or a day-to-day living at its best. So what does the progress report say for today Doc? Well, we have a new pill on the market called Ahmadinejad with promising results but with only laboratory studies! Take two pills every 8 hours for the next four years! Of course that is if you are still alive!

And if you are lucky enough to die, then you won't have to worry about any of this and it won't concern you anyway. Just like those billion or two before you, that have been coming and going in the past 2500+ years! And where they ended up has no boundaries that would separate them into counties (Bakhshha), states (Ostanha), countries (Keshvarha) or even continents (Ghareha)! There is no occupying force and there are no diseases!

So why don't we give up? Why do we try to continue on? Why can't we Iranian see what awaits all of us on this path to hell and quietly ponder? The keyword is the word "quietly" here! Why does each one of us feel like we have to be the loudest to scream on top of our lungs to convince other Iranians that I am right and they are wrong? Does it matter who is right or semi-right or even wrong? We all are infected with this thing called HIV (Homeless Iranians Virus) and we are all dying anyway! Is that a shocker to you? Well don't despair my friends, If you like I can sugar coat it for you a bit!

I see so many Iranians writings on this site ... letters ... essays ... articles ... opinions ... parts of their books ... their heart wrenching stories ... their hopes and dreams ... their analytical mambo-jumbos from politics to you name it and on and on and on! But no one can give me a cure! No one can offer a pill to heal my pains of this woman that I have fallen in love head over heels with ... called "Iran"! And all I have to take is this new laboratory pill called ANP (Ahmadinejad's Promise) till the next pills come on the market. Meanwhile I will let you know what happens in heaven if I happen to get there before you!

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