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1 + 1 = Trouble
Psychopaths create their own demons and they have to live with them



The Bang Man
February 24, 2006

After Shah's down fall, I remember, there was a short period of political and ideological renascence in Iran. There was a short lived freedom bobble so to speak. People were interested and engaged in all matters related to political, philosophical and theological. There were endless discussions on various forms of government. I would see heated discussions on philosophical and theological bases for any given form of government.

One that I particularly remember was a discussion on TV between a group of Mullahs and a group of Marxists. I can not recall the main issue of the discussion. However, I do remember it came down to the question of Materialism doctrine and the proof of cause and effect between men and material world. The Mullahs countered this argument by posing a question to the Marxists and asking to explain how cause and effect would apply in the case of Indian monks who are capable of levitating rocks!

Wonder, if it was conveniently ignorant or ignorantly convenient.

In another case, I remember a theological discussion between a Mullah and a student. The discussion was about classifying the level of ignorance. The Mullah explained that there were two distinct forms of Ignorance. The first is called simple form of ignorance and the second is called compound form of ignorance. He went on to explain that in the simple form of ignorance, usually the ignorant person is aware of his/here limited understanding of the subject matter i.e. the person is aware that he/she does not know the answer to a given problem (1+1= ?) . In the second form of ignorance the Mullah explained, the ignorant person does not know the answerer to a given problem but the person erroneously believes that he/she has the correct response: i.e. 1+1 = 3.

Actually, there are other forms of ignorance where one is programmed to be ignorant. I like to call this the little Korea-Stockholm syndrome. Assimilation to the successful white community is the first order of business for many US immigrants. Depending on where you live in US, there is an undeniable level of racial undercurrent against blacks and other minorities. Usually, under barge of social images and habits, immigrants tend to be swept by what they perceive to be a social norm, in this case, discriminating against the blacks.

A good case and point would be the burning of stores owned by Korean immigrants during the LA Rodney King riots. Assimilation eventually leads to self loath and cultural identity crisis for a subset of non-white immigrants. As with Stockholm syndrome, Immigrants are trapped by the white men's loath for them and their drive to assimilate the white men's culture in order to succeed. Consequently, this is manifested as hate towards one's own culture and heritage.

Yet, there are other forms of Ignorance. Some times we knowingly ignore or subconsciously ignore certain facts either because it is convenient or it may be too traumatic to face and therefore we hide it in our subconscious or mask it with a lie.

There is a funny scene in Mel Brook's movie Spaceballs, where the captain questions the competency of a cadet by asking the man in charge; "who hired this az-hol (moron)". The man in charge points to the cadet setting next to the first cadet in question. The captain repeats the same question asking who hired the second cadet. The person in charge points to the next cadet in line, so on and so forth. The captain stops and declares; "I am in ship surrounded by morons"! A friend in the service, use to tell me if he wanted to get out of doing a job, he would act incompetent. Eventually, they'd find someone else to do the job! It worked well for him to act incompetent.

These morons are created through social constructs.

To quote Henry Kissinger;" Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." From "Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW's in Vietnam"

A good example would be some of the disabled US veterans. They may have started knowingly or subconsciously believing in the myth of war, God and America to pay the bills. But after the first kill to keep on killing, in order to survive, one must convince himself of the myth despite the facts pointing otherwise. It is a form of a self defense mechanism. The machinery that creates the worrier mind is counting on this self defense mechanism to detach the mechanics of the kill from morality of the war on an individual level. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the suicide killing. Wrongly justified or not, the act and the mechanics of the kill is very closely coupled with the morality of the war at least in the mind of the individual worrier. It is a small distinction but an important one.

In any event, the chicken-hawks come home to roost when the individual worrier is no longer part of the machine. The dynamics of group psychology keeps the worrier in check but once no longer part of the collective, the realization begins. And the second act of this drama begins to unfold with continued battle with psychological scars and the spread of contaminants (Depleted Uranium) to family members. Hence, the high number of suicide, disability and crime associated with returning veterans. But for these veterans to survive this second battle there must be a new social and physiological constructs to make these men impervious to most primal of all human feelings i.e. shame, remorse, conscious and love. This is a difficult task for now. Instead, they are helped to forget the scars.

However, certain ignorant acts can not be entirely attributed to ignorance alone. Let us take a second look at the Abu Ghraib incident and ask our selves; what kind of a mind takes joy in inflecting pain to another human being. Or for that matter what kind of a mind can allow for use of Depleted Uranium in a cold and calculated action to destroy an entire race? All this in the name of trying to halt the spread of WMD! (For those of you who are unaware of this horrifying fact, I would suggest to Google: Depleted Uranium Iraq). In the first Golf war more than 430 tones of Depleted Uranium was used. Professor Katsuma Yagasaki, a scientist at the Ryukyus University, Okinawa calculated that the 800 tons of DU used in Afghanistan is the radioactive equivalent of 83,000 Nagasaki bombs. The amount of DU used in Iraq is equivalent to 250,000 Nagasaki bombs.

Actually, the question should be rephrased to;" who put this Psychopath in charge".

The dictionary defines Psychopath as, "A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse." A Psychopath is void of any conscience, feelings of guilt or remorse. Psychopath is indeed a social predator. In situations where a normal human being (one with conscience) may struggles or held back by feelings such as shame or guilt, the Psychopath feels absolutely nothing and is not held back by any of these feelings. In fact, a sociopath may enjoy inflecting pain and suffering.

"What distinguishes all of these people from the rest of us is an utterly empty hole in the psyche, where there should be the most evolved of all humanizing functions." Martha Stout, Ph.D., the Sociopath Next Door.

Of course there are varying degree and facets of Psychopaths. For instance Narcism is a form of Psychopath. In a survival situation, some would sacrifice to save others or would choose to survive at any cost (including at the cost of love ones). Social constructs and culture would heavily influence this behavior. With ever more job insecurity and requirements for success, the American way of life is optimized for the survival of the psychopaths If not a genetically real psychopath, than at lease those who are capable to adapt the psychopathic behavior.

This would answer the question; "Who put this Psychopath in charge".

So before we go looking at the historical events and the collective behavior let us look at the mind of the individual that leads the action. It takes a very special person to make such decisions. Most normal people will not be able to live with themselves knowing their decision caused thousands of children to die. However, some people would be comfortable to hide behind a lie to do so i.e. God, war and America because they are conditioned to accept it with words such as "Our national Interests" and "to our economical benefit" etc.

We are increasingly living in a bipolar world where on one side we have US and Israel and on the other side the rest of the world though, the 'covenant' was signed in England and not in the America or Middle East. The English banker may have started the promise of the Palestine land to world Zionist in order to defeat Germany but this ultimate sleeper cell has found its way and has nested in the power halls of Washington.

For 2000 years these people were driven from one country to another with no trace of any ancestral graves. The central question is this "why were they evicted?" and "Is humanity anti-Semite?"

"Men see their dreams and aspiration-a
Crumble in front of their face,
And all of their wicked intention
To destroy the human race."

And who are these men who want to destroy the Human race?


One thing is for sure, Psychopaths create their own demons and they have to live with them. Ultimately, It is what they create that comes back to haunt them.

Depleted Uranium as weapons resulted in Gulf War Syndrome (this is really genocide). War resulted in $725.8 billion deficit, national debut is at 8.2 Trillion and growing. Ultimately behind every "Naqshaya kaalaak" there is a deception. We uncover the deception and all will fall in place.

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