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I have only one wish
That tomorrow I can press on the bottom and let Fairuz’s music play knowing that peace is brought back



Charlotte Najafi
July 18, 2006

A few weeks ago, and let it be a coincidence this time, I ordered 2x CD’s and the only available DVD recorded during this unbelievable beautiful and unearthly concert of legendary Fairuz in Las Vegas online and today, I finally and with thank to these people who made it available for people like me to buy the original examples of these CD’s or DVD’s, received them and this is really sad!

Why? Cause I immediately rapped them out and ran to the living room to let them play and listen to Fairuz’s her famous voice and I have to say, I had to cry! I never had thought of listening to her voice on a day, where again, her beautiful city of Beirut and her country with its famous Baal’baak valley is under fire, unarmed innocent women, men and children and off course elderly people are getting killed by another war again and again!

When I ordered these stuff, Lebanon was again a peaceful, beloved country by many and was just started to promote its tourism industry across Europe and I also had plans to get there and see this city of Beirut once knows as the Pearl of Meditteranian with my own eyes! And look at it now? Why do we have to accuse ourselves of being stupid with our commentaries and/or outrageous comments on Israel or whatever?!

I don’t understand this at all ... . Have anyone ever thought of the fact that meanwhile a folk, a city and a whole history is getting ruined by Israelis and that, what we all might have known as Iranians after all these years of living abroad due to this stupid regime in Iran, that there is no country, no folk, no government what so ever, able to fight Hezbollah and trace them down and unarm them? Even US and/or EU, not even Russia and China are able to do anything about their attacks?

So, please people, let’s stop accusing oreachother of not listening or being blind or what so ever and make sure that peace will be back to Lebanon, Israel (the very remaining democracy in Middle-East region) and Iran as well as to Iraq, which is and hope nobody will ever forget, was once part of our beloved Persian Empire, a forgotten Empire as British Museum calls it properly, and pray for the souls of those who are blind and do not care for peace or progress in any country or region what so ever! Why do we have to accuse ourselves or have comments on Leila Farjami ["Feeding the fire"] or the rest, while we all better know and have been there all before????!!!!

I have only one wish now, that tomorrow I can press on the bottom and let Fairuz’s music play knowing that peace is brought back to Lebanese folk as well as to the habitants of Haifa and Nazareth as well as to the rest of the old villages and cities of both Lebanon and Israel, knowing that they are all Okay, living in harmony and peace together, being ensured of their future, of their children going safely to schools, to study, to grow up, realizing that peace and having a dialogue is very important in anyone’s life and make sure that conflicts such as now happening across the region will never ever happen and that they all know that Hezbollah is the one who doesn’t care about life, peace, progress, future and/or music, dance, arts, history, all those real principals of any culture and human civilization ... so they can get distance when one of these stupid people crosses their paths and make sure poverty is part of the past history so nobody ever due to any reason has the urge to join their so called God’s army (I wonder which God this is who loves to fight, kill and ruin human history, 3 major religions and all what has to do with our past, present and future) and spend their time, energy and money on these God forgotten people! (I mean the Hezbollah)

No Israelli or Lebanese or anyone like you and I are meant to be called as Hitler’s thinking followers or have the intention to act so, we all know. Both Israel and Lebanon are countries with a famous reputation on willing to live in peace with their neighbours and I on my turn do reject the policy of Israelli regime on this matter. They have no right to attack Lebanon just like that and to disturb their daily life, to attack this young democracy and economy and then keep telling the rest of the world they are doing the best thing in order to save Israel and/or region.

No, I know that they now make sure that Lebanon again will be thrown to the hands of Syria or their protectors and that Lebanese will never be able to restore the democracy for which they had to fight and go to the streets very recently ever again. The best thing they could do, was to ask the United Nations as well as the Lebanese regime to help them stop the Hezbollah attacking their borders or villages and not act like the Hezbollah which is exactly what Hezbollah want them to do or become like.

Unfortunately, there is now war again in Lebanon ... they have to stay at home, schools are closed, tourists are leaving the country and some historical sites are getting damaged, lives of innocents are taken and many others are going to be left behind with pain, sorrow and empty pockets and bank-accounts! If they have a job or have the insurance of keeping that what they have gotten now! How do we have to respond to this?

I have respect for both folks, for both Lebanese and Israelis, they both have the right to have a better life and to enable their children to go to schools, to find jobs, to go on holiday and to show the world who they are and what they are. Let’s pray for the peace, not accusing anyone of being good or evil, let’s pray for Fairuz to sing again in public during these beautiful summer days in Baal’baak valley and festivals and let the world know that we don’t want war, that we want peace for all of us! Let’s show who we are and who is the evil in this matter! Why not writing about the real nature of Hezbollah and their plans? Those who supports them and maintain them?

Please remember, Lebanese have suffered a lot, too much actually, even more than anyone of us in Iran, as well as Israelis, they have never had peace since 1948! None of them actually ... We, Iranians, at least have the right to live in a rich harmonious country till 1979, 1980! And even then it was not bad as it is in the rest of the Middle-East now! Be honest, please, who is now suffering the most from Hezbollah? The Iraqi’s or Iranians? We have no right to complain ... we have always been in love with US or Europe and the war during the 1980’s helped many of us to realize their dream to settle forever abroad! Those who stay behind or the one who has to right to complain but yet, in comparison to the rest of the region, Iran is a paradise!

I know, many of you can now get really upset of what I am telling you, but it is the truth! I have been there too, I have been arrested for my make-up, clothes, what so ever, I have been in prison too and I have seen many horrible things going on too, but yet, we could live better than many of these Palestinian refugee’s, Lebanese who got shot dead in their own city by their neighbours and Israelis get killed on their way to school or work using the public transportation and now, again, they are suffering the worse imaginable.

Why? Because we are used to sit down, accuse others, White House, Zionists, Communists or who ever, while the real evil are these Hezbollah! And I don’t understand why nobody will ever take action on them? I do reject Israel’s policy again, but at least they are now doing something about it! I hope they will be able to indeed attack Hezbollah and not homes and schools or offices of the ordinary people like you and me and to stop this as soon as possible.

I also do hope that soon Lebanon will be rebuilt with help of Israel off course and hope that Israel would realise that attacking bridged or airports or power-stations doesn’t help at all, cause I am sure Hezbollah has carved tunnels all from Iran, through Syria all to the Southern parts of Lebanon up to Gaza as well and that they don’t care if buildings, schools, hotels, historical sites or airports are attacked or turn to pieces, no, they have taken their measurements before and they can easily keep going on and maybe that is point of talking about on this site! How the hell do these people still manage to drop rockets on Israel? How do they buy these stuff? Who helps them? Why in God’s name none of them get killed but many innocent children do get killed? There has to be some secret passage or way of providing them with weapons or soldiers! God’s army as a matter of speaking!???

So, let’s talk about those main questions, not accusing others of being blind or not wise enough, and help democracy to win again and the music of Fairuz to sound again on any streets of both Beirut as Tel Aviv!

Fairuz is right, now playing, “Ba Hebbak Ya Loubnan, Ya watani” (I love you Lebanon, my land) and I am sure in Israel there are singers who sing the same about Israel ... As we in Iran have done the same in the past, present and will keep ding in the future ... Hope, really, from the bottom of my heart, that She, Fairuz, can keep singing about her land and folk who live in peace and can all look forward to a much better future ... without Hezbollah among them!

And Hope that someday soon, she can also come and visit all of us, our families, children in Iran and hold her concert on the ruines of Persepolis together with our beloved Googoosh, experiencing unforgettable moments all of us! To share happiness and great moments knowing that we all, Isreal, Lebanon and Iran are freed of these so called Army of God! (I wonder who that God is, If it exists). Comment

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