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Really real reality
The ones who have the bombs and war materiel stored in private residences, schools, and yes, even mosques, are the Hezbollah



Kaveh Nouraee
July 20, 2006

I swear to God, I love this website. The online gathering place for the self-proclaimed Iranian intelligentsia to pontificate to the point that all of the hot air that is being expelled on has been determined to be a direct cause of global warming.

The only thing funnier than this eshal-e-dehan that’s flows oh so freely from certain people is the idea that anyone would actually give any credibility to this rubbish.

To those of you who actually believe any of these individuals or their warped ideology, I suggest that you promptly extinguish your galyoun, as it has become quite obvious that you have smoked too much opium. In gad tariak nakesh, maghzet mesleh tokhmeh-morg dareh pokhteh misheh.

This time, all of the attention is directed towards the Middle East. Hezbollah terrorists kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers and bomb Northern Israel. Israeli forces retaliate. Hezbollah terrorists bomb deeper into Israel, going further south than ever before. Israel continues to fire missiles into Hezbollah targets, and blowing Lebanon’s roads and airport into Swiss cheese. This continues much like an old shampoo commercial…..and so on, and so on, and so on.

I recall the time when if an Iranian was called an Arab, that was a faux pas equivalent to calling a black person a nigger. My, how times have changed. Now it has become fashionable to kiss Arab ass. Have any of you forgotten how the Arabs invaded our land and shoved their backwards ideology down the throats of our ancestors, who drank it up like chai straight from the samovar, before asking for another glass?

Has anyone forgotten how Iran is still paying the price of what the Arabs did to us even today, and every single day since February 1979? In the Iran-Iraq war, who invaded our land? Arabs. Who, besides that piece of rat shit Khomeini and his flunkies killed innocent Iranian men, women, children and BABIES in that war? Arabs. Al-Qaeda? Arabs.

During the 1972 Olympics in Munich, who killed 11 people? Arabs.  Who bombed the World Trade Center in 1993? Arabs. Who were the 19 losers who killed 3,000 innocents, including Iranians on 9/11? I’ll give you three guesses. Arabs. Who are their teachers, their instructors in terror and destruction? Holy camel humps, Batman! Why, it’s Arabs!

Iran is not an Arab country, and Iranians are not Arab people. Like it or not, (this means you, Leila Farjami) Israel is not occupied Palestine. I’m not a Zionist. If I were, I’d have to advocate the establishment of a sovereign independent state for every other religion, complete with the law of return. (If Scientologists wanted their own homeland, I presume it would be Tom Cruise’s house).

We have a greater ancestral and historical link to Jews than Arabs. Last I checked, Jews were welcomed in Iran, and we had a Jewish queen. Arabs invaded and wouldn’t leave, like Mormon missionaries or Jehovah’s Witnesses who knock on your door on Saturday mornings. Furthermore, the victim has not become the victimizer.

Can you keep a secret, Leila? Promise you won’t tell, OK? The ones who have the bombs and war materiel stored in private residences, schools, and yes, even mosques, are the Hezbollah. And what are they? Arabs.

Do you know what the Israelis are trying to accomplish? Obliterating Hezbollah and Hamas. Did you give a damn when civilians were blown up into a thousand pieces in Israeli cities? Self-preservation is not a bogus rationalization. It’s how we survive.

This is not to say Israel has been entirely angelic and innocent throughout its history. I myself have in the past compared Ariel Sharon to Hitler, but we are not talking about the same leadership today. Sharon killed indiscriminately, and he is now paying the price for his cruelty.

But if this newfound love for all things Arab is the prevailing attitude of supposedly educated Iranians, then we don’t stand a chance of getting our homeland back. Nor do we deserve to. Comment

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