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Nuking innocence
Iran is being set up for “an unprovoked nuclear attack”

Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich
March 28, 2006

Professing to be the greater civilization, the intellect is deliberately disassociated, sanity is interned so that greed may proceed and allow the savagery of the greater to prey upon the less.  While mankind strives for nobility, there are some among us who contemplate such base decisions that would threaten the existence of another nation.    Those same powers who would refute that man is born under one law, and so they bound him by another, targeting him with nuclear weapons.

Alarmed at such baseness, Philip Giarldi, A former CIA officer, in an August 1, 2005 issue of The American Conservative warns that Dick Cheney has issued a request for using tactical nuclear weapons against Iran.  More troubling is that the use of nuclear weapons is not conditional on Iran being involved in the act of terrorism against the United States.  Otherwise stated, Iran is being set up for “an unprovoked nuclear attack”.

Ms. Rice who is rather smug about having earned herself a major victory by getting everyone on board in referring Iran to the United Nations Security Council, can also invite these same nations to share this crime against humanity.   Dr. Jorge Hirsch, professor of physics at UC, San Diego, in his remarkable video emphasizes the consequences of a US  nuclear attack on Iran.  Each bomb would deliver an incalculable number of corpses, the radiation fallout, both immediate and residual, unparallel in magnitude to the tragedy witnessed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 60 years ago.

Subsequently, as each country races to acquire an A-bomb to protect itself against an attack by a nuclear-armed aggressor, we watch the dwindling of our civilization.  It is said that when a rich man declares war, the poor man dies.  Today, with the mockery of the IAEA and the UN  Security Council, and above all, with the United States issuance of nuclear tactical standby, it is not just a single nation that is at risk of demise, but man’s progress.  The hideous claws of war have gripped Western political leaders and motivated by greed, they are committing cultural genocide/suicide.  Apathy fuels this madness.

In a democracy, leaders are transient – more or less.  The people will be held accountable for the darkest hours in history.  How tolerant can history be, and indeed should it be?  The people should demand that the voice of reason and justice prevail.  If Americans wish to be a law-abiding nation, then they must protest the use of tactical nuclear weapons on a non-nuclear armed NPT member signatory. 

The use of these weapons will be defined as war crime under the 1977 Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Conventions.  An indiscriminate attack in which the attacker does not take measures to avoid hitting non-military objectives, that is, civilians and civilian objects.  There is no doubt that the radiation from these nuclear weapons would kill civilians! 

U.S. citizens must determine their future.  Will Americans be known as a nation that put out the lights of civilization by enabling its elected officials to commit heinous crimes and kill en masse in their name?  Will we stand by and allow  mushroom clouds be the legacy that this administration will leave our children, or will we realize that we should put a stop to genocide and call on this administration to recall its despicable policy of nuking innocence. 

Although the US has not ratified the Additional Protocol I, this provision is considered to be part of customary law and therefore binding upon all parties to a conflict.

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Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


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