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Democracy and freedom for Iran



Omid Farda Manesh
May 17, 2006

A century matured wish of millions of Iranians in Iran and aboard has been for a true democratic and free Iran. Could a confluence of major events this year conspire in bringing nearer the everlasting democracy and freedom in our country into fulfillment?

Let me start by echoing pundits that Iran is the key to stability in the Middle East. And since it has always been a regional leader, the peace, democratic movement, and stability in Iran will spread outward swiftly into other neighboring countries. Apropos, it is well documented that Iranians historically were among the guardians of civilization and human rights.
As struggle of democratic forces in Iran forming soundly and decisively, it happens that two unpopular presidents, Bush and Ahmadinajad, are lining up head to head for representation of messianic missions of oil and backward Islam, respectively. It is apparent now that savagery of radical Islam movement against humanity and democratic societies as well as merciless of oil domination by the western powers and multinational cartels must be trampled by all freedom seekers and progressive forces.

Despite our defeats of past against continual efforts of defaming and/or redirecting of our democratic movement in Iran, it has transpired each one of us to notably desire restlessly an ingenuous free, independent, and democratic Iran with our souls and from bottom of our hearts.

As all forces of universe inexplicably contrive in bringing balance to our subsistence, the Europe and United States are likely obliged to capitulate to honor our struggle for establishing our democratic, free, and independent Iran after all. The degradation of Iran from a civilized nation of art, science, love, and poetry to a militia state under backward ideology is a ringing bell to the ears of each civilized country.

The irony is that all major super powers in this century will likely surrender to long lasting wish of Iranians for a free and democratic Iran. An inalienable right of Iranians to be free and democratic in this region is becoming more and more as an accepted virtue.

Internationally, the support of egalitarian and democratic individuals, entities, non-government organizations, governments, and the United Nation is invigorating us in reaching our unsettled aspiration. The world will rejoice our rebirth with us in near future.

Before proceeding further, this point should be noted that with ascendancy of this mission falls immense responsibility on our behalf. And, that is to put in place decrees that can safeguard our future freedom and liberty incessantly.  Let's not forget that Iran belongs to our next generation and we are borrowing it from them and we owe it to them.

Every passionate Iranian freedom seeker must not only cherish liberty but must also be continually fervent in preserving it with their teeth once gained. Liberty for all that will be achieved this time must remain with us ceaselessly. Pursuit of happiness for all must be sealed in our hearts and in our new constitution.

Every passionate Iranian seeking freedom must pledge to making no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  A permanent and independent judiciary system must be advocated and inaugurated.

As mentioned above, there are major forthcoming events. They are the youth (girls and boys) and nationalistic celebration of world cup soccer games for IRAN played on June in Germany while heavily broadcasted in Iran, the centennial celebration of Iranians constitutional revolution (1906 Mashrutiyat) grass root for empowering citizens to govern citizens in September, the conduct of IRI's pseudo election (read it prearranged) of cleric members of the Assembly of experts (Majlese Khobregan) and the inquiry of its validity and its rejection by democratic forces in Iran.

A confluence of massive and non-violent celebrations and protests of Iranians throughout Iran and aboard on each event happening this year may likely conspire to bring people to amass in such a stronger and unstoppable strength that may serve well in an establishment of free and democratic Iran before long. It should be noted that deprived and working class Iranians being at the suffering level of IRI's ill economy in Iran will be the driving force for future change.

Time will tell. However, none of us can afford to be apathetic anymore. For each of above occasions, every one of us should be well in advance prepared either individually or in a group for celebration and/or protest to bring us amass against the IRI's regime.

The wheels have been in motion for a long time. Slogan is Democracy and freedom. As our contemporary poet Ms. Simin Bahbahani aptly recognized comparable to Hafez has said, „Dobareh Mesazamet vatan‰ (Again, I rebuild you my home country).

Our aspiration is to have and cherish free, independent, and democratic IRAN.

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