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Capitalist jihadist
In your love for the western capitalism and lack of reluctance to hate an ideology, you have fallen into the same extremist trap that you are accusing Muslims to be


Areyo Barzan
October 12, 2006

Never in my life I have seen such a hypocritical, extreme and distorted view about the issues of our time and what is happening around the world. See Ali Sina's "Viva Oriana!".

The last time I came across such a distorted discriminatory views about a section of society was when as a student I was doing a research on rise and fall of Nazis in Europe and I could not help to find many similarities between your views and those of the Nazis. The only difference is that the Nazis were discriminating in favour of their own people and against the others but you are discriminating against your own people and in favour of their suppressors and this makes you sink lower than the Nazis ever did.

How your talk of ethnic cleansing and getting rid of Muslims reminds me of the chilling events of late 1930's and early 40's in Europe and their discrimination against Jews gipsies and many others. Fortunately for the rest of us the world has grown up since and does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. As a wise man said once after witnessing the horrors of holocaust:


And that did not mean only for Jewish people but for all, including Muslims.

As I stated before even Adolph Hitler was racist in favour of his own people. What disturbs me the most about you is that you are racist against your own people and in favour of others. In fact during the time I was reading your article I had to go back to check several time in order to make sure that this article was actually written by an Iranian and not by a member of one of European far right groups.

It seems to me that in your love for the western capitalism and lack of reluctance to hate an ideology, you have fallen into the same extremist trap that you are accusing others to be.

It never fails to amaze me that how often in order to oppose each other and prove their point people do not hesitate to become radicalised themselves or go that extra mile to close their eyes to the facts and events happening around them.

To me it seems so naïve for a person to see the world as either black or white. That we either should accept all the misconduct of Islamic society and government and the injustice and crimes that takes place under the name of Islam as true definition Islam or throw all Muslims into the sea and reject their right to exist or choice of religion altogether.

First of all let me inform you that as a direct victim of extremism I am opposed to any type and form of it, be it Islamic, communist or capitalist. It is also worth to mention that I am neither a Muslim nor a communist, although I think they both have valuable point to contribute into a secular and modern society. But the trick is not to let them run into extremes. It is very important that they should not be taken out of proportion and no extremist view should be accepted from or accommodated by their followers.

We should also consider that Islam is still going through its evolutionary stages and it is still in its fourteenth century compared to 21st century of the Christianity.

Also compared with Christianity in its medieval stages, Islam has a far cleaner track record, when you consider things like crusades, Spanish Inquisition, prohibiting of science and studying by mid evil church, killing and burning people on accusation of witchcraft or more importantly prosecution of scholars and scientists such as Galileo by the church, just because they were stating the plain scientific facts, Christianity and the west has a far darker track record. In fact in the case of Galileo he was not recognised by the catholic church until 2006 when the new pop have issued him an statement of pardon instead of an apology, as if after all these years they still believed that he has done something wrong and they only forgave him out of their own grace.

Even compared to 20th century Europe, U.S., Soviet Union or China, Islam has got a much cleaner track record. When you consider the killing of millions of Jews and gipsies in Nazi concentration camps or killing millions of Japanese by US during nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or the death, destruction and rapes that where committed by Americans in Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea. Also if I wanted to talk about the British and European colonialism and all the crimes committed by your precious west in Africa, Asia, South America, and Middle East I have to write you several book and it is really out of the scope of this article.

In your article you have rightly condemned Islamic fundamentalism but without wanting to consider how it came to be, and who was the real designer behind it. This monster was the child of western policies to ensure their victory against communism.
In case you have forgotten it was U.S and Europe who supported and armed Osama Bin Laden and al Queda in their fight against Soviets in Afghanistan in order to stop the spread of communist in Middle East. And I assure you that it was not for free or out of the goodness of their hearth.

CIA put Bin Laden in Afghanistan in order for him to pay for all the weapons shipped to the gorilla fighters and when the money ran out the west lost interest. Even despite all the warning by the moderate Afghans and people like Ahmad Shah Masood who were constantly warning the west and specially Americans about the storm clouds that was gathering over Afghanistan and practically begging for help. But because they had no money no one cared. Until 9/11 when U.S got a bloody nose for its arrogance and ignorance.

Or perhaps you have forgotten the support that the west and specially US and U.K gave to Mr Khomeini, just because they wanted to destroy OPEC and have cheap oil and in the meantime stop the spread of communist it the Middle East. Have you forgotten all that Islamic fundamentalism bullshit that was pumped into Iran by radios such as BBC, VOA and France and even Israel? In fact it was France who gave Khomeini shelter and supported him.

During my 20 years of living in U.K and meeting or engaging in various political discussion with many people of different faith, nationality and political background you are the only person I have met who is denying the western involvement in bringing Khomeini into power, although this fact has been verified times and times again even by western politicians, journalists and media. The last example of it was right after 9/11 when an American political analyst have stated in his interview on CNN, and I quote: "Mr Carter has got rid of Shah and brought Khomeini into power and his prize was cheap oil".

I could not believe that in your blind love for the west you are willing to deny their crimes even when they have already confessed to it themselves or making excuse for their misconducts and crimes, and all this for what? A visa or passport? How petty!

What makes it more twisted is that every time that you cannot deny or make excuses for these crimes you associated them with the communist elements in the west.
In a funny way it reminds me of a mini series called Dayee-Jaan-Napoleon and the sad twisted old man who every time something bad happened that he could not explain or did not want to face, he referred it to a British conspiracy saying:

"Mash Ghaasem Kar Kare inglisast"

The monster of Islamic fundamentalism has been helping and serving the west very well until the end of the last century. What we have now is the same monster coming back to byte them in the ass and as result the are crying foul

Furthermore, don't you dare to even mention Iraq or Saddam Hussein. Saddam was a product of the west. They supported him in his coup against Ahmed Hassan Al-Baker during 1970s and then supplied him with conventional and unconventional weapons to kill innocent Iranian men women and children in an unprovoked attack for ten years and even when the British members of parliament raised concern about this policy Mrs Thatcher dismissed them as and I quote "communists loonies who stand in the way of good business". well it seems that the west is now paying back the dues on their good business

The American's illegal invasion of Iraq had noting to do with democracy or welfare of the people of Iraq. It was only because that Saddam started to sell oil in Euro instead of Dollar and started to break the controversial petrol-dollar-arm cycle. That was why the war never got the support of the Security Council or even the European countries such as France and Germany. Hence the U.S and U.K had to go it alone. If you could not see that you are even more naïve and blind than I could ever imagine.

So what did you expect the people of Iraq to do just sit back and let their country to be taken over by the Americans and their oil assets, archaeological sites and museums to be looted, as if they do not have any sense of pride or patriotism?

And yet you go on and dismiss it as a communist plot. Well hello!? Where have you been in the past 15 years? Communist is well dead and berried and nobody follows it so I think it is about time for you to stop milking that cow and to join the rest of us in the 21st century with new challenges and threats on the horizon.

If you believe that the monsters in Westminster and White House do care about people of Middle East and really want them to have healthy democracies you are the real brain dead who needs help here.

If your precious west is such a champion of democracy then why during the past one and half century they have met any attempt of democracy by the people of developing and third world with fatal force and destroyed it before it even had a chance to get of the ground. As an example I can mention the assassination of Zulfaghar Ali Bhutto in Pakistan or assassination Jamal Abdul Nasser in Egypt, the British supporting of General Pinochet in his coup against Alende in Chilly or bringing down of Dr Mosaddegh's government by Americans, and the list goes on and on and on. So may be now you will answer the question that why the life of a western citizen should be more precious than the one of an Iraqi, Iranian or a Palestinian for that matter and why we should sit and let them run over us without any resistant.

A murderer is a murderer regardless of whether he is in an Armani suit or a dirty turban and a bomb is a bomb regardless of whether it being carried by a suicide bomber or being dropped from a ten million dollars airplane.

This is the fact that at the end of the day one person's terrorist is another ones freedom fighter as Mrs Thatcher herself once called Nelson Mandela a terrorist.

I find it really incredible that you have got the nerve to blame the victims and take the side of perpetrators of this criminal phenomenon at the time when these crimes of interference and conspiracy by the west are the indisputable facts that have even been verified by western politicians and political analysts over and over again.

We the people of Iran have accepted our responsibility in all this. As much as a foolish victim of fraud is responsible for letting his greed to get the best of him and do not check the validity of deal or creditability of the person with whom he is dealing. But make no mistake. It is very obvious who are the real conspirators and fraudsters in all this.

We must realise that at the end of the day the people in third world could only come to the conclusion that the only language that the west understands is the language force and they do not negotiate unless they really have to. As an example I can mention Northern Ireland and IRA.

Sin Fein IRA is no more humane, justified or popular than Hammass, Hezbollah or Al-Quaede but because they had the backing of Irish Americans in the senate and they were powerful and effective enough in their terrorist efforts, they forced the British to accept them as a part of their political life and even pay people like Jerry Adams or Martin McGuiness parliamentary wages although they never attend to Westminster parliament and don't even recognise it.

These are a few examples of double standards practiced by the so-called western democracies and the death and destruction that they brought on the rest of the world.

As far as Islamic extremism is concerned I do believe that we have to fight any form of extremism including the Islamic version, but one cannot fight extremism by becoming an extremist. You are yourself a shinning example on an atheist turned into a fascist by taking extreme views.

With concern to the migrant societies in Europe or U.S it is my first hand experience that they have always a lot to offer and enrich our society. As long as they obeyed by laws of the land, I do not care how do they dress or where they pray or for that matter how do they live their personal life. It is only for the shallow claustrophobic people with no substance, self-confidence or sense of history and belonging who see existence of minarets alongside church bell towers or people with different cultures and ways of dressing as a treat. For the rest of us it gives the society a sense of harmony and contrast, showing that we are willing to accept all kinds of people in our society and respect their way of life as long as they obeyed by the laws of the land and distribute to the wealth and wellbeing of our society. As we believe that by doing so we become stronger and not weaker.

Furthermore how come that the shear amount of money, intellectual assets, skills and much desired cheap labour force that these people are bringing to our society's in the west are being accepted with no problems or hesitation what so ever, but when it come to their culture and way of life we can not wait to criticise and discriminate against them just because they happen to be different.

With regards to criminal activity let me assure you that issues like wife beating child rape murder and social disorder are well and truly alive in western society as anywhere else in the world.

It was only last month that we witnessed the trial of a young man for raping a 3 months, yes you heard me right a 3 months old child and he all got was only five years in prison for it. A sentence that disgusted everybody in UK. Or shall I tell you about the young women who are deceived and smuggled into this country from Eastern Europe and then forced into prostitution. Or may be you would like to know the drunk and disorders of every Saturday night who rampage the streets, beat people up, terrorise neighbourhoods and cause damage to cars and shops.

May be you would like to know about the new tradition of Happy Slappy among students and kids as young as ten years old when up to ten people attack one innocent person and beat him/her up to death while others film it on their mobile phone cameras.

Shall I tell you more?

But in spite of all that you do not see the rest of us labelling a whole society for the misconducts of a few.

With regard to Ms Fallaci it does not matter how celebrated she is and how many books she has written. As soon as she starts to become bias against one group of people because of their religion or ideology and by closing her eyes to the whole truth only concentrates at one part on the picture without considering the reasoning and history behind the problems in today's world, she has discredited herself and only has got herself to blame. It takes a lifetime to build up a reputation but only one moment of stupidity to ruin it all.

Frankly I could not believe my eyes when I was reading such naïve, close-minded, and homophobic reaction or such foul mouth attitude from a person of her status.

Ironically your proposal to clone her took me back to my history project where I learned that a group of Nazis not only proposed but also attempted to clone Hitler in order to create a new superior race, or your comments on describing the Muslims as breading rats was another chilling reminder of same remarks made by Hinry Hinler with regard to Jews and gipsies.

The danger that threatens the world today is not Islam, communist or any other ideology or religion for that matter. It is people's extremism, ignorance and prejudice toward each other, just because they happen to be different.

If one wants to solve the problem of marginalised minorities in the western society it has to be done by working with them and starting to involve them in social affairs, creating jobs and passing the information and education. That's how we can build bridges between sections of the society and speed up the process of integration.

The last thing we need to do is forcing people to abandon their tradition and values or committing another act ethnic cleansing. This approach has never worked in the human history from the Roman invasion of Jerusalem to Spanish inquisition or European prosecution of the Jews and Catholics; it was always bound to fail and the only winners in this game would be the extremists

Who ever said that one has to be anti Islamist or anti anything to be democratic. As long as one has respect for other point of view that should be good enough

Finally on your claim that "capitalism is democracy" I can only say:

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
And more
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

From your statement it is evident that you do not even know the meaning of the word democracy nor you have ever studied the history behind the many democracies in the world, especially in Europe.

In many countries of the world including France the democratic movements started as a socialist movement by the poor to demand social justice and even today most of Europe are socialist countries anyway. Although capitalism and democracy could be made to work together and that is with lots of effort, checks and balances in place, but I can assure you that they are never the same. As an example I can mention the American media who do not hesitate to sensor the opinion of their interviewees or comments of peoples calling them just because it does not agree with the appetite of their executives or major shareholders. Such misconducts happen very rarely in socialist European countries or with the BBC. There were more attempts in the history to destroy democracy by capitalism than ever was by communism or Muslims.

As a Zartoshty Iranian I am proud of my history and heritage from Cyrus the great's declaration of human right to King Darus's construction of Suez Canal. From Hafez poetry and Kharazmi's scientific achievement to Ebne Sina's philosophy and Omar Khayyam's mathematics and poetry.

Although I am very interested in and persistent to preserve Iran's History and glory before Islam I can also appreciate the asset and enrichment that Quran has brought to our culture and poetry. Now if our ancestors were such sell-outs as yourself and adopted foreigners (in this case Arab's) culture and abandoned their own in the process, well, it's shame on them and more importantly this is our duty to reverse that process and correct their mistake. We can have Islam without becoming arabized in the same way that we can use a western product or adopt the valuable things like freedom of speech and willing to listen in their culture without giving away our own nationality and identity. The challenge is to bring Islam or any other foreign aspect into our own culture, in the same way the west brought Christianity into theirs.

I have fought extremist and sell-outs all my life, but if there is a good point to learn and a good thing to be brought into our culture from foreigners even Arabs and Muslims I have learned to appreciate it.

In all these, the most important think for me is to keep that balance and first and foremost remain true to ones own identity and nationality. I know that if we are strong enough we can accept Islam as a part of our culture without letting it to take over or mixing Quran with Arab culture. As I believe the great people in our history like Hafez Saadi or Molavi have done so. But one has to keep in mind that striking that balance is very important and difficult, especially since in the desire to disagree with the other point of view most of us do not hesitate to adopt an extreme stand.

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Areyo Barzan

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