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Parental control
Virginia Tech mass killer's parents are really the ones who are responsible


Kaveh Nouraee
April 18, 2007

Like most of you, the senseless loss of life in Blacksburg both saddened and sickened me. It is especially sad for me, as I spent some time there in the mid 1980s visiting friends who attended Virginia Tech. The warm memories I hold from more than 20 years ago cannot and will not be destroyed by the violent actions of this parasite. Blacksburg and the surrounding areas are among some of the most beautiful in this sometimes zesht place we call "Amrika".

Given what I know of the area, I don't know if they could have been better prepared to deal with such violence any more than they were. Frankly, you just don't have these things happening there. But, it did happen, and in the midst of the aftermath of April 16th, 2007, several certainties will occur. And this is the part that sickens me.

Blame is spreading faster than a California wildfire already. The police didn't act swiftly. They didn't lock down the school. It was too easy for this kid to get a gun. The gun dealer should have questioned the purchase. The kid was sick in the head. He was on antidepressants. And the worst of all, he was some "poor Korean" kid in the U.S. who had trouble adjusting. WHAT THE F**K?

Here is the bottom line. This piece of trash killed 32 people. Gun laws have nothing to do with that fact. He could have obtained the weapons anywhere. He could have just as easily driven to Richmond and bought one on the street. To respond to Setareh Sabety ["Breeding murderers"], if your children spent time in a Maryland public school, I am sure you are aware that in neighboring Washington D.C., handguns are illegal.

The city has one of the highest murder by firearm rates in the U.S. This idiot went through the legal channels to obtain a firearm because he wanted recongnition. He knew that his name would be on the front page of every newspaper or news website. This little shit just wanted to be noticed. And you call him a poor Korean? That's insulting to decent Koreans. Poor them. Now a bunch of ignorant, clueless idiots are going to trash some Korean owned convenience store in their neighborhood. Same way all Middle Easterners in the U.S. were harrassed after 9/11. And still are.

A little FYI, Setareh. I had to endure school here in the U.S. while that lowlife Khomeini held 52 Americans hostage in Tehran, and Jimmy Carter sat in the White House with his thumb up his ass. 444 days of pure hell for me a 13-14 year old kid. "Fucking Eye Rainian" this and "Fucking Camel Jockey" that. And that was in between the fistfights, before, during and after school. But did I get a gun and blow away the entire class of 1984 along with select faculty members? NOOOOOOOOO, khanoum, I did not.

Monday's horror was the direct result of one person's actions. Perhaps his parents could have done a better job of raising him. Why is it that EVERY time you another one of these mass or serial murderers get discovered it's the same broken record:

Side 1: The parents were decent people who had no idea of their child's "secret life" as a deranged killer, despite his overt obsession with the occult and Marilyn Manson.

Side 2: Mom and Dad knew that little Johnny liked killing ever since he was four and found him disemboweling the neighbor's poodle, but didn't act on this out of fear for their own lives.

The killer's parents, nice as they may be by accounts, are really the ones who are responsible for the way the product of their 30 seconds in the back seat of a broken down Hyundai in Seoul 24 years ago turned out. Everything we are, everything we do, it's all shaped by how we were raised, and not whether we can buy a Glock 17 in 10 minutes.

Yes, school in the U.S. can be a cold place even in the warmth of spring. Especially for someone who doesn't necessarilty fit in some "category" or "clique". But, if parents do a better job of monitoring their children's daily life and routine, giving them proper guidance and keeping them away from the trash in this morally bankrupt culture, like video games, hip hop/rap and everything else that nurtures this anti-social behavior, the murders at Virginia Tech could have been have been avoided. Comment

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