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Open your eyes
The founder of the Islamic Repulic doesn't merit commemoration

Kaveh Nouraee
June 5, 2007

Javad Fakharzadeh's piece "Inside look" on his visit to Iran have stirred up some deep seated feelings that are a mix of anger, disgust, and sadness.

First of all, it must be said that Ruhollah Moussavi (Khomeini's real name) is responsible for the deaths of countless men, women and children (as young as 6 years of age). For such an animal to be called "Emam" is an affront to everything sacred, regardless of your particular religious convictions. 

The very meaning of the word Emam is "someone who can lead mankind in all aspects of life as he is appointed by God". In that respect, by calling this person an Emam are we saying that God sent young children to sweep for landmines ahead of front combat units in the war against Iraq? Let someone come and say that to my face and I guarantee you that you will see God faster than you think.

This mass-murderer has a shrine built in his "honor", complete with ample parking spaces for those who won't use the soon-to-be-greatly-expanded Metro. Meanwhile, the economy is in the toilet. The poor in Iran are poorer, those who are educated who remain are more oppressed than ever, all while the mullahs are more loaded than the Mafia, Bill Gates, and TV evangelists combined.

Three times the word Zionist is mentioned. The question must be asked, what Zionist influence are you referring to, whether past or present? By Zionist, I take it you are talking about Israel. Since when does a publicly stated desire not be bombed by neighboring countries or by Palestinians (who never had a country to lose to begin with) constitute influence, Zionist or otherwise? Besides, take a long hard look at Iranian culture, Jewish culture and Arab culture. If you think we are more like Arabs, you need a psychiatrist.

The real reason none of this is propagated in the West stems from the fact that by doing so, it only serves to legitimize the regime. A regime that has accomplished nothing more than sending our country back to the stone ages where every aspect of life is micromanaged, scrutinized and criminalized.

Yes, superficially, there are signs of modern 21st century attributes. As a matter of fact, one only has to look at some of the photo essays on this very website to see some of them. But I emphasize that this is purely superficial. The beauty is not even skin deep, while the ugly has penetrated every layer of our land.

The only portion of the article that failed to raise any bile in my throat is the final portion, where it is admitted that improvements are still needed, socially, economically, politically, but without outside interference. On that I think we can all agree that Iran has to change from within. But as long as we are a diaspora that sits on the fence and does nothing, nothing will happen. Meanwhile, we are complaining about nothing being done and developing a bad case of piles from the prolonged sitting.

That piece of trash Khomeini (may he rot in Hell, along with every one of his gang) doesn't merit commemoration. only condemnation. Comment


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