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    Cartoon by Hadi Farahani

    Looking forward
    "Time to live in the present and for the future"

    December 16, 1998
    The Iranian

    "Unfortunately, many of us still live in the past," writes Ali Akbar Mahdi, associate professor of sociology at Ohio Wesleyan University, in his new book. "We still cling to yesterday's politics and believe in ideals that do not conform with contemporary times and place. The time has come for us Iranians to live in the present and for the future."

    Mahdi's Farhang-e Irani, J'ame'eh-ye Madani, va Daghdaghe-ye Demokr'asi ("Iranian Culture, Civil Society, and Concern for Democracy, " Javan Publishing Co., Toronto) is a collection of essays and articles most of which have been published between 1992 and 1998. The following excerpt is from essay written this year (in Persian)... Go to page one

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