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Iranian of the Year

Abdollah Nuri

He changed
... in favor of "real democracy"

March 26, 1999
The Iranian

The following are comments in favor of Vice President Abdollah Nuri as the Iranian of the year. He was impeached as the interior minister by the conservative-held Majlis. Each comment is from a different person. Names have been withheld for reasons of privacy.

* He changed
* Neck on line
* Continuous struggle
* Alive
* My choice

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He changed

He changed his activities toward freedom and supporting real democracy. He is brave and left the Interior Ministry with honor.


Neck on line

From all the comments I have heard from within and out of Iran, this man has really put his neck on the line. Here are some quotes from CNN news:

- "Nuri, a midranking Shiite Muslim cleric despised by hard-liners, publishes a pro-reform newspaper and heads a slate of candidates for Tehran's 15-seat council. During the campaign, he called for an 'Islam of love' that would challenge what he said is the conservatives' distorted application of religion to public life."

- "Islam and a supreme clerical leadership that supports ... violence and opposes its critics, we do not believe in that Islam," he said. "If that is your conception of Islam, then you are wrong. If that is religion, then we do not accept it."


Continuous struggle

Vice president Nuri's continuous struggle to work within the system to steer Iran on the right path toward an open and democratic society. He and many others like him are doing what is needed to be done in these critical times.



I was inclined to choose the murdered dissidents but on the other hand I believe the Iranian of the Year should be someone who is alive.


My choice

I choose Abdollah Nuri as the Iranian of the Year. A second choice, if I may have one, would be Shamsolva'ezin [editor of the banned Jame'eh newspaper].


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