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Left overs
Leftist radicals not only ruined their own lives, they ruined the life of a nation

November 25, 2004

If were to give awards to the most foolish blunders committed by its feature writers, Maziar Behrooz would be an instant winner of the much deserving title: "Fool of the Year."

In his article, "Iran's guerrillas", Behrooz, an assistant Professor of history at SFSU, in an attempt to sensationalise his essay, begins by recalling a TV series aired on the Iranian national TV in the early seventies (it was actually shown in 1969 but this is nothing compared to what is to follow). Behrooz, himself a sympathiser of the militant left, writes:

During the early 1970s the National Iranian Radio and Television (NIRT) began broadcasting a new American TV series named "The Guerrillas." The series was a not-too-well produced story about allied commando operations behind Nazi lines during the Second World War in Europe. It was dubbed in Persian but then the name of the series was translated gurilha which can only mean gorillas in Persian. What possible relation there might be between commando operations and the mighty ape was left to the imagination of poor Iranian viewers. Such was the sensitivity of the imperial regime of Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi to the term guerrilla (cherik in Persian) that the NIRT had to resort to such ridiculous innovation.

Ridiculous innovation indeed, but by our tin-pot Professor himself and not the NIRT! Allow me to explain. As a TV and film buff, who remembers the golden oldies of pre-mullahs Iranian TV, I should know that the full title of the series referred to in the above paragraph was Garisson's Gorillas AND NOT Guerrillas as so carelessly purported by the blundering Behrooz. Therefore, NIRT had correctly translated the title by shortening it to Gorillas. But our tin-pot Professor does not stop here by making such and proceeds to make more utterly stupid claims.

He continues with showing the depth of his ignorance about the meaning of the word Gorilla. By asking why should Gorillas (as in apes) have anything to do with a bunch of killer commandos, he commits a second blunder, this time showing his poor knowledge of English vocabulary.

In fact, if the double-blundering Behrooz had an average command of English, which is the minimum expected from any average academic, or had he bothered to looked up Gorilla in any English dictionary he would have found that the term means (apart from an anthropoid ape): Thug and Goon, which are precisely, who the Garrison's Gorillas were: a bunch of convicted criminals and killers who were hired to wreak terror behind enemy lines in return for Presidential pardon - a kind of TV version of the Dirty Dozen. The Gorillas were headed by one Lt.Craig Carrison, hence, the title of the series, Garrison’s Gorillas (see the poster).

What I demonstrated above may sound like a light and ludicrous slip-up but this was, and still is, the true face of the Iranian left: falsifying the facts and making hugely erroneous claims to stir up emotions and in the process adding more names to the list their victims. To them this is just another game. To their recruits, it was a life laid in waste for no good reason. They not only ruined their own lives, they ruined the life of a nation.

The guerrillas that Maziar Behrooz describes them in such affectionate terms were no other than the forefathers of the present day Al-Qaeda, and other minor terrorist groups. They showed no regards for human lives and in their madness they maimed and murdered hundreds of law abiding and innocent citizens of our homeland. They were not independent, politically or financially, as Behrooz so timidly avoids admitting.

They were often hiding in safe houses and remote places and had an arsenal of weapons supplied to them by their paymasters. So were they really free from foreign influences? I direct the readers to the scholarly work of the late prominent writer and journalist, Siavash Bashiri, whose Ghesseyeh Savak (The Tale of Savak) is the most authoritative document to date on the origin and operations, links and loyalties of these terrorist groups who ironically dug out their own graves by paving the way for the mullahs to brutally finish them off.

What Maziar Behrooz is afraid of admitting, lest his comrades become upset, is that these groups, whether Marxist or Islamic, were funded and fuelled directly by Cuba, Libya, Iraq and Syria and indirectly had the blessings of their Godfathers in Kremlin. The weapons and trainings were provided by the Palestinian terrorist organisation in their camps in Lebanon such PFLP, headed by George Habash (for the Marxist groups) and the Al-Fatah, headed by Yasser Arafat (for the Islamic factions). Both groups were members of the PLO.

The question that Behrooz and his comrades in arms should ask themselves is not why the Left failed in Iran. It is evident that a movement so fundamentally alien to the culture and credo of the people could never survive. The question that remains to be answered is why a group of Iranians are still attracted to such un-Iranian causes. The answer, I must say, lies in the treasonous minds of these people and their deeply rooted hatred of their own culture.

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