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December 9, 2003
The Iranian

"Khatami doesn't have the courage to fulfill his promises. Unfortunately after six years failing to enforce promised democratic reforms, he has lost the confidence of the young generation."
-- Leila Zanjani speaker at student day rally, Tehran University, Dec 7, 2003

"Reformists used our votes as a political tool and in return we got broken promises. They forgot us."
-- Matin Meshkini, board member of the Allameh Tabatabai Islamic student council

"The police shot and killed a motorist who refused to obey an order to stop. People started to protest and there were clashes between residents and the police."
-- Jafar Kambouzia 'reformist' MP, on an incident in Sistan-Baluchistan that led to protest which left four dead

"If a country moves from an industrial scale to develop weapons, I think the [monitoring] system, with all the technology that we have, makes it highly unlikely that this kind of program would go on undetected."
-- Mohamed ElBaradei, director-general of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran's nuke plans

"If you see Congress unblocking millions of dollars for research into mini nuclear bombs, one understands that far from aiming for nuclear disarmament, the United States seeks to improve its arsenal."
-- Mohamed ElBaradei, International Atomic Energy Agency

"Iran's law does not consider either of the parents a kidnapper for taking the children even without informing the other one."
-- Mohammad Erfan, criminal court judge (that's judge of criminal court, not judge who is a criminal) on case of Yasmine Pourhashemi, 15, and her six-year-old sister Sara taking refuge in the Belgian embassy after being to Iran after a holiday in Greece against their - and their Belgium-resident mother's - will.

"They closed the biggest fast-food places in Tehran in one day, without giving a reason. We've had to fire all our workers because we don't know when we'll be allowed to reopen."
-- Unnamed restaurateur in interview with Reuters, after authorities closed down Tehran's four biggest fast-food outlets -- popular haunts for young people. The stores were reported to have penalized young women dressed inappropriately with soccer-style penalty cards. Dec 4

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