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The great library
– a dialogue


August 24, 2006

-- I’m sorry which way is your ancient Persian?

-- Shhhh. There are people studying.

-- Yes, but all I want to know is which way.

-- Please be quiet.

-- Well instead of telling me to be quiet why don’t you point me?

-- Very well. But you must promise that once you are there you will not talk.

-- Talk to whom?

-- The books.

-- The books? Who talks to books?

-- Please accept that some people do and that it’s not wise to.

-- Who?

-- They. Don’t you know who they are?

-- No. Who?

-- The men who talk to books.

-- Right. I won’t talk to the books. Which way.

-- Yes.

-- Well?

-- What?

-- Ancient Persia. Where is it?

-- Well, it’s in the past.

-- So will you be if you don’t help me.

-- If you threaten me I shall be forced to leave. I mean, I shall be forced to ask you to leave.

-- Just please, tell me where the ancients are.

-- Greece or Persia?

-- Persia.

-- Epoch?

-- Ancient!

-- Could you be more specific?

-- I don’t know.

-- Well, I can’t help you if you don’t know. It’s a library, not a school.

-- Alright, the Safavids.

-- Hardly ancient are they? Do you have a permit for using this library?

-- Permit? If you if you don’t tell me where the Persian section is I will start to TALK LOUDLY.

-- Shhhhhhh! We can’t have people shouting.

-- You’re mad.

-- This is the Great Library. Men have come here to learn for centuries.

-- It probably took them that long to find a book.

-- Which book are you looking for?

-- I am not looking for a book, I am looking for a section. Ancient Persian.

-- Are you Greek?

-- Are you bonkers? What difference does it make?

-- Greeks burnt Persia’s libraries. Surely you know.

-- Yes, I read it in the Evening Post. Terrible, what’s the world coming to, eh?

-- So you are –

-- No I’m not bloody Greek.

-- You look Greek.

-- I am not. Let’s say I am.

-- Knew it. Well, can’t have you burning our section, good day sir. 

-- Peyvand Khorsandi's blog, Soul Bean Café


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