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A Thanksgiving message
After Mostafa Tabatabainejad was ejected from UCLA library using a Taser-gun on 14 November 2006


December 8, 2006

The security guards at UCLA

Aren’t blessed with the highest IQs, per se

But when they used a Taser gun

On an unarmed student

They reminded me of the Soviets

and Iran’s jailed student dissidents,

who languish in Evin prison cells,

Rolled into one, a number of hells.

In China a student in front of a tank

nearly rolled the revolution back.

The United States is supposed to be free,

and where if not UCLA library?

Hardly a hotbed of terror there,

But what do the dim uniforms care?

“We’re killing desert coons in Iraq,

take one out here, who’ll give a fuck?”

The other students, dopey -- young, irate,

They get off their arses and demonstrate.

“We don’t want Tasers,” they say,

“give us justice, no delay.”

So let us give thanks to technology,

thanks for catching Rodney King’s beating

and Mostafa Tabatabainejad’s tasering.

Cell phones at the ready, we shall fight

Racist cops, and Seinfeld actors, with all our might

-- Peyvand Khorsandi's blog, Soul Bean Café


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