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    Cover story

    Laid back
    She was a woman. And life was good

    October 26, 1998
    The Iranian

    I love old things. But pictures especially drive up my heart rate. My eyes widen and I no longer hear anything. Each picture takes me back in time and I imagine what life was like. I'm gone...

    Earlier this month I was invited to dinner at a friend's house in London. After a delicious khorsh-e karafs, I began fishing shamelessly, as usual, for new material for The Iranian. I asked my friend if she had any old photogrphs. She had a box-full.


    What makes these photos special is not that they were taken at a time when women did not have to wear the hijab in public. The social and political messages here are secondary. What makes them so amazing is the woman herself -- the individual in each photo speaking to the viewer. More than a time or a certain kind of woman, she represents herself.

    All these photos, except for one, were taken in Iran in the 1950s, 60s and early 70s. Click on the links below to see them:

    * Hugging the earth
    * With sister in England
    * With sister in Iran
    * Persepolis
    * Ride out of town
    * Hello beautiful
    * Sitting outside
    * First date
    * For future husband
    * Wedding
    * With first child
    * Picnic
    * Portrait


    * Cheri
    Photos of an Ireanian woman in the 1950s &...

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