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    Photo of the Day

    Khiyaban e Cheragh Bargh - Bazaar e Seyd Esmail
    Commotion in front of the open doors of the Usine a Gaz in Tehran. The Gas Lamp Factory, as it was known locally, was established in 1877 to provide light for the city dwellers nearby. Previously their only source of light was oil lamps. The factory's coal warehouse caught fire in 1882, and the French manager filed complaints with the government, claiming damages. The first electric factory in Tehran was established on the same grounds in 1903. Electric bills were collected nightly based on the number of light bulbs used. Wagons continued to roam the few main streets until the early 1930's. Today this street is lined with stores selling spare parts for automobiles and buses. This and other historic photos by Antoin Sevruguin are on display at the Sackler Gallery in Washington DC until May 28, 2000.

    Photo by Antoin Sevruguin
    Thanks to Soroush Motahari


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