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    Photo of the Day

    While traveling in Khorasan, Iran, last summer I was lucky to discover a beautiful and very unique place. This place is called Meel-e Akhengan. It is located in Tous. If you stand at the gates of Ferdowsi Park, you will see a road going east. It will take you to Meel-e Akhengan. You can also ask a native for the direction. The road is very damaged and is actually a path going to the villages nearby. After driving for about 10 to 15 minutes you will reach the Meel.

    At the time there was no sign to tell me about this place. The entrance at the back of the tower was blocked by iron bars. Inside I could see a grave but it was impossible to read the stone. Even the natives couldn't give me any exact information about it. The architecture is very impressive. The blue tile decorations are like the flowers woven in carpets. They were badly damaged and only partially remained close to the top of the tower. It looked as if once they had covered the whole tower. This superb lonely tower standing unattended very close to Ferdowsi Park is definitely worth a visit. If you have seen this place and know more about it please send me a note. (Next photo: here)

    Pardis Zarnegar


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