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    Photo of the Day

Esfandiar Sheydayi writes:

This is part of a photograph taken during the Constitutional Revolution (see smaller image). It is from a newspaper that has been in my family since before I was born (1317 / 1938). The man marked No. 20, Ali Beik, is my grandfather. Incidentaly, Ali Beik came out alive from this prison and ended up in Soviet Azarbaijan. I am trying to find some knowledgable historians or others to find answers to the following:

1. Can you complete the poem on the picture, since part of it is not readable?
2. Do you know who the poet is?
3. What is the name of the newspaper that published the photo?
4. What is the story behind the chained group in Bagh-e Shah.?As you can see some famous names such as mirzA Bagher Khan are in the picture.

Please email answers to Esfandiar Sheydayi.

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