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Aptil 22, 2005

Microtechnology pioneer Fariborz Maseeh and his foundation give $2 million to establish UCI Center for Persian Studies and Culture
First of its kind in the UC system, center is envisioned as a national resource that elevates and advances Persian studies

Irvine, Calif., April 21, 2005: Microtechnology pioneer Fariborz Maseeh and the Massiah Foundation have pledged $2 million to create an innovative interdisciplinary research center at UC Irvine that will bring together scholars in Persian history, language, culture, arts and literature.

The Dr. Samuel M. Jordan Center for Persian Studies and Culture -- named after a missionary in the early 1900s who became a leading educational figure in Iran -- will be the first interdisciplinary center in the University of California system dedicated entirely to Persian studies not based in a department of Near East or Middle East studies. In partnership with the university, Maseeh envisions creating a leading resource for advancing scholarship about Persian culture at a critical juncture in world affairs.

“We live in an increasingly interdependent world that demands mutual understanding,” Maseeh said. “Our goal is to establish a beacon of knowledge about Persian culture and create an environment where both our nation as a whole and the Persian community are enabled to learn from this rich, ancient culture.” >>> Full text

Sent by Amir A Angha

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