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October 10, 2005

Message of Congratulation to Maryam Namazie for being awarded the Secularist of the Year

Dear Maryam

I, on behalf of Organization for Women’s Liberation, congratulate you for being awarded the secularist of the year in England. I am so pleased to see that your efforts to promote secularism, to defend women’s rights and against political Islam has been recognized by the international community. This shows that our movement is in the forefront of the fight for secularism and against political Islam in the West as well as in the Middle East. We are proud to be working with you.

Today more than any other time the world is in need of a focused and coordinated international struggle to raise the banner of secularism and for de-religionization of society. Religion has made significant inroads into society, and reactionary movements such as political Islam are threatening humanity. To safeguard freedom, equality and free thinking, to reach equality for Women, to free society of discrimination and superstition, we need first and foremost to promote secularism and to de-religionize the society.

We have a long and treacherous struggle before us.

Azar Majedi
Chair of Organisation for Women’s Liberation
8 October, 2005

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