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July 12, 2007

One man's star power led to Great Florida Bank's rapid rise
Mehdi Ghomeshi helped Great Florida Bank raise $170 million in capital. But did that produce a capital performance?
The Miami Herald: As chairman and CEO, Mehdi Ghomeshi has been responsible for Great Florida Bank's rapid rise. The bank has a branch at One Biscayne Tower, which is highlighted in gold in the photo behind Ghomeshi. Listening to Mehdi Ghomeshi explain the rapid rise -- and occasional stumbles -- of Great Florida Bank is a bit like being showered with clips from feel-good Frank Capra movies. ''This is really the story of 222 people who put their heart and soul into it,'' explains Ghomeshi, sitting in his Coral Gables office penthouse and sounding a bit like that legendary banker George Bailey, played by Jimmy Stewart in It's A Wonderful Life >>>
-- Sent by Mehrdad Mahmoudi

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