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Cadets of the class of 1320 (1941) in front of the Officers Club at the Iranian Pilot training school in Tehran ("Markaz-e Amoozesh-haaye Havaaee"). These student pilots were under the direct supervision and training of Major Toofanian (later General "Arteshbood" Toofonian). The training school was closed after the military occupation of Iran by British forces after Shahrivar 1320 (September 1941) and re-opened shortly after Iran officially joined the Allies in the war against Germany in 1943. Of the 35 students -- some of whom appear in this picture -- only one pilot diploma was issued to Lt. Nasser Jannatpour (center first row).

1- Joodi along with Morteza Zarbakht (see 5) in 1945 defected to the Soviet-backed rebel government in Iran's Azarbaijan Province led by Jafar Pishevari. He served as an officer in the rebel air force. With the downfall of the short-lived republic, he refused to leave for Kurdistan (which had also declared independance withe communist support). He was executed by his superior communist aparatchik.

2- Mansoor Behnegar (fate unknown).

3- Nasser Jannatpour is still alive, but another mechanical officer HE KNEW also obtained a pilot degree, but is not on this picture he was to become the co-pilot of Shahpour (crown prince) Ali Reza the last Shah's brother and was killed with him in a fatal air crash.

4- Nikjoo (fate unknown).

5- Morteza Zarbakht fled to Azarbaijan with Jooni (see1) in 1945 then to Kurdistan with communist forces but then surrendered to Iranian authorities and was granted amnesty by the Shah.

6- Jafar Tejaratchi became a famous cartoonist He passed away in 2001 in Los Angeles.

7- Moreza Fakoor finished his pilot session but was denied pilot degree due to an accident. (See 9)

8- Hassan Nazari fled to the new pro-soviet republic of Aaerbaijan then to East Germany after the WWII. In his autobiography, Tudeh Party leader Nooredin Kianoori mentions Nazari's story.

9- Sobhkhiz finished pilot training but was killed in a crash piloted by Moreza Fakoor. (See7 )

10- Hooshag Nakhaee became an air force colonel.


Photo courtesy former Air Force Colonel Nasser Jannatpour
Sent by Darius Kadivar

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