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"Scheherezade" (Shahrzad) by artist: F. Keller; Engraver: Closs. Early 20th-Late 19th century. Sheherezade was the elder daughter of the vizier of Persia. The sultan Schabriah, exasperated at the infidelity of his wife, came to the hasty conclusion that no woman could be faithful; so be determined to marry a new wife every night, and strangle her at daybreak.

"The beautiful and accomplished Sheherezade undertook to deliver the people by becoming the destined bride. When she was introduced to the sultan be was struck with her beauty and modest sensibility. The lovely sultaness, pleased to see she bad made an impression on his savage heart, seized the moment to request that her sister, Dinarzade, might be admitted to her next morning, an hour before day, to take her last farewell. The sultan readily complied. At the appointed hour, Dinarzade was admitted to the nuptial chamber, when she made the strange request, that in the little time which remained before they were to part forever, the sultaness would relate to her one of those many entertaining stories she had read. The sultan wondering at so singular a request, consented, at the desire of his bride, and even expressed a wish to hear stories, which must be singular indeed, to be asked for at such a moment." (Arabian Nights)

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