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October 5, 2005

Oil crisis
>>> Watch interesting video from 1951 showing a discussion on the Iranian Oil Crisis, two years before the coup against Mossadegh -- Kaveh Z.

Longines Chronoscope with Charles Harding on Iranian Oil Crisis (1951) >>> Go to

L.A. Brophy and William Bradford Huie talk with Mr. Harding, Coordinator, Middle East Operations and Member of the Board of Directors, Socony-Vacuum and Arabian Oil Company, on Iranian crisis in the oil fields, effect upon the economy of the European nations and the U.S., Korean Conflict, and U.S. relations with other Middle Eastern countries.

This show was produced on 09/28/1951 by Longines-Wittnauer Watch Co., Inc. as part of a public affairs series they sponsored. The show aired on CBS and Longines-Wittnauer conveyed all rights to the U.S. Government on December 19, 1969.

Director: Alan R. Cartoun
Producer: CBS Public Affairs

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