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Middle East peace made easy
The only real attack the Israelis or Americans could take to end the violence in the Middle East would be a precise decapitation of the Iranian top leadership



July 17, 2006

WARREN, Michigan -- The Mullahs' biggest threat is not the Americans or the Israelis. It's the Iranian people. Unlike liberals in America, the Iranian leaders clearly understand that America is winning the war in Iraq and that the fulfillment of the Bush doctrine will very likely result in the Iranian people giving the Mullahs a free ride on a Mussolini swing set.

What the Mullahs most desperately need is an attack by Israel. Nuclear weapons are worthless to them as the Iranian people are dragging them to their execution but an Israeli attack on Iran's nuke sites would unite the people behind the regime.

All the anti-Semitic rampaging by Iran's president is not on behalf of Palestinians or the greater cause of Islam. It's based in fear for their own precious hides. It's clear the Iranian leadership is not ready for their virgins yet.  If you read between the lines, the message from Iran is clear "Hit me! Hit me! Pleeeeze hit me!!" Hatred for Israel is unnatural to the average Iranian so it has to be manufactured by the government

The Israeli options are minimal. A continued tit for tat skirmish with Iran's mercenaries in Hamas and Hezbollah is a waste of time and resources. Hamas and Hezbollah are puppets of Iran and the present Israeli conflict is being orchestrated from Tehran. Israel cannot convince those groups to end the fighting because that decision is not theirs to make. Attacking Iranian or Syrian military targets is exactly the victory the Mullahs seek.

The only real attack the Israelis or Americans could take to end the violence in the Middle East would be a precise decapitation of the Iranian top leadership. Yes it would cause the people to rally behind the government but there would be no government to rally behind. As Iranians vie for power, the west would support pro-democracy elements while continuing to eliminate radical Islamic forces.

Unlike the democracies of Israel and America where mechanisms exist for the peaceful transference of power, both Iran and Syria would face a power vacuum if their leaders were assassinated. Both countries would descend into internal conflict and be unable to continue support for their mercenaries in Gaza and Lebanon. Without support, Hamas and Hezbollah would face a power struggle from Palestinians and Lebanese who seek genuine peace and prosperity.

The other Middle East dictators would quickly learn that using Israelis as scapegoats and Palestinians as cannon fodder is a no-no. It's important to remember that Radical Islam has nothing to do with religion. Just like Nazism had nothing to do with race. The real purpose of all fascism is about consolidating power for illegitimate dictators.

The problem is that Western sensibilities have an aversion to political assassination but it is important to remember who we are talking about. Both the Iranian and Syrian leadership are quite willing to order Palestinian children to commit suicide for the sole purpose of protecting their opulent life styles.

Nearly 60 years of Middle East turmoil has tortured the world, the populations of Palestine and Israel have been abused, the Muslim religion has been bastardized and the oil wealth of the entire region has been squandered on military hardware only so that a handful of dictators can keep their palaces.

The entire future of the planet could be transformed with just a few well placed cruise missiles. The real question is: What are we waiting for?

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