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August 1, 2004

aka Kamal

What is Kamal Kharrzi's name in his birth certificate (shenasnameh)? It's Ali-Naghi Kharrazi. I first came to know this when I worked for IRNA in the 1980s and Kharrazi was its head. But for this quiz, I needed the help of a former colleague to refresh my memory. By the way, my wife won this quiz only because she asked me what the answer was and then emailed it to me :o)... besides, no one else gave the right answer. -- Jahanshah Javid

Winner: Javaneh Khodabakhsh. Sad Afarin!

The person who wins the most number of daily quizes in a month will be awarded a book valued at up to $50 from Mage Publishers.

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