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December 28, 2004

Standing tall

The mostly phallic and a few ram-horn shaped stones are ancient tombstones in a graveyard near Khaled Nabi Shrine, in Golestan province of Iran (Turkmen Sahra). The Turkmans pilgrim to Khaled Nabi Shrine, located on the summit of Gukchedaqh mountain. The shrine is the burial place of Khaled Nabi, a religious figure much revered by the Turkmans. Source:

[FF, who took this picture during a recent trip to Iran, wrote: The graveyard is in the northeast of Iran, not far from Mashhad, and as you can see high on mountain tops. Some gravestones measured up to 3 meters. We assumed erectus tombstones where for men and the shorter wider ones for the women, but that is pure speculation. I know nothing of the history and neither did the locals. I have done some research but haven't been able to find anything. Many graves were dug up, bones scattered. Based on what locals said, there are fewer and fewer gravestones every year.]

Winner: Parviz Hamrang. Sad Afarin!

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