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December 2, 2004

Jeem shodan

Kamal Marashi wrote: When someone suddenly disappears, we say, "jeem shod." Where does "jeem" come from?

Moujan Nosrat wrote: The "JEEM" in  jeem shodan comes from "Jaaddeh". It means the person has hit the road. I am sure about this as anyone can be. I live in San Diego, but just now 5:00 pm Thursday evening I am in Berkeley and I am willing to meet with you with ample proof for my claim!

Qabooleh!-- Sad Afarin!

There were also these responses without proof or source:

From: Shahab Sadegh:
"Jim" is the first letter of "Jonoun" (madness). I think it was first used by Bohlul, who pretended to be crazy, and in this way escape those who persecuted him.

From: Shahin Shoar
"Jeem" might stand for letter "jeem" in "Jastan" as in "az daum jastan" meaning "faraar kardan", "dar raftan", or " nejaat peydaa kardan".

From: F. Aziz
Jeem is the first letter of the word "Jen" in Farsi. With expression "jen shod raft havaa" meaning he/she disappeared. "Jim shodam" is the abbreviation for it. 

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