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January 21, 2004

Writing on the wall

What would you write as a caption for this photo?

-- "Dude, where's my seat?" (The term "seat" refers to both the fact they're sitting on the floor and the majles seat they've been barred from. Get it?) -- Winner, Mehran Azhar

-- "The British Embassy told us to 'sit down' and we sit down. If they say 'stand up' we do that too. We just want to make the world think we have a freedom of action and choice. You see it in English right? After all what difference does it make? sit here, sit in the Parliament or at home on the toilet. It's all the same. Takbeer!" -- Farrokh A. Ashtiani

-- "Saa'at yekoneem shod az naahaar khabari niest! Magar maskhareh kardid?" -- Essie Naddaf

-- "Beh maa bad bakht-haaye azaadaar beh ellate az dast daadan-e shoghl-e por aab o naan komak konin!" -- R. Rafat

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