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July 12, 2004

Laboo daareem

Photo by Nina Sharif

In the U.S. street vendors sell hot dogs and pretzels. What foods do street vendors offer in Iran?

-- Del-jeegar-gholveh kabab (liver kabab &...)
-- Laboo (cooked sugar beats)
-- Baghalee (cooked fava beans)
-- Loobia (cooked pinto beans)
-- Shalgham (cooked turnip)
-- Balal (corn on the cob)
-- Zoghal Akhteh (carnelian cherry)
-- Zalzalak (wild plum)
-- Gojeh Sabz (green plum?)
-- Albaloo Khoshkeh (sour cherries)
-- Toot Sefid (white mulberries)
-- Faleh Gerdoo (fresh walnuts in salt water)
-- Chaghaleh Badoom (English?)
-- Sharbateh Zereshk, Albaloo &... (fruit juices)
-- Faloodeh (iced desert with noodles)
-- Bastani (ice cream)
-- Ash (soup)
-- Etc.

Winner Farrokh A. Ashtiani. Sad Afarin!

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