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March 12, 2004

Haftseen +1

These are some suggestions to add something symbolic to the traditional haftseen for those living away from Iran. They all win a Sad Afarin!

* Mahvash Shahegh, Sadeghi, Jafar Alavi, Ghazi: The Iranian flag.
* Nazaneen Ashrafi, Pejman Eshraghi: Photos of freinds and family in Iran.
* Reza Mashdi, Mahvash Shahegh: Iran map.
* Pejman Eshraghi: Refugee travel documents, foreign passports, citizenship documents, pictures from Iran (Damavand, Perspolis, etc.).
* Saeid Khansarinia: Candles as a Zoroastrian symbol.
* Mehran Azhar: Stone/rock/soil from Iran.
* Narges Mowlaei: Samavar.

There were some humerous suggestions. They will be in the letters section soon :o)

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