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October 20, 2004

Daily Double
I did this, I did that

Cyrus Cylinder: "This is the first known statement that the inhabitants of a state were free to worship the gods they wanted. Indeed, the Persian empire was remarkably free of religious persecution, and Cyrus might have said the same as the Prussian ruler Frederick the Great: 'In my kingdom, everyone has the right to seek blessing in his own way'. With some justification, the section on Cyrus' religious measures has been likened to a human rights charter.">>> See

Winner: Houman Younessi. Sad Afarin!

The person who wins the most number of daily quizes in a month will be awarded a book valued at up to $50 from Mage Publishers and their name will be enshrined in the Column of Champions! The award for second place will be "Avaaz-e Khaateraat", Shahrokh Golestan's interview with the late Delkash, including memorable songs from 50 years ago up to her recent concert in London. This cassette tape produced by the BBC Persian Service, has been donated by Reza Moini, most kindly.

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