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December 24, 2005


Footwear in Persian:

* Bot (short boots)
* Chaarogh (the farmer's shoes)
* Chakmeh (boots)
* Chakmeh sarbazi or "pootin" (military boots)
* Dam paii (slippers)
* Gaalesh
* Geeveh (men's cotton shoes, usually in rural areas)
* Kafsh (general term for shoes)
* Kafsh-e baale (aka "point" pronounced poo-an!)
* Kafsh-e choobi (Dr. Scholl's)
* Kafsh-e hammaam (flip flops)
* Kafsh-e kataani (cotton shoes the nurses wear)
* Kafsh-e mehmooni (can be open toe which is "panjeh-baaz" or open back, "Paashneh-baaz".)
* Kafsh-e paashneh-daar (high heels)
* Kafsh-e oshkoobeh-daar (platform shoes and some call it "leiage-daar" because that's in French) 
* Kafsh-e varzesh (sneakers; high tops are called "high top", even in Iran!)
* Na'layn (men's slippers, usually clerics)
* Orsi
* Raahati (comforter)
* Sandal (aka kafsh-e band-daar)
* Shebro (special material)

Shoes may also be referred to by the material used, (e.g. charmi, jeer, plastic, cotton, etc.) or the type of heel they have, (paashneh mikhi, bi-paashneh, paashneh boland, etc.) Or who uses them (mardaaneh, zanaaneh bachehgaaneh.

Winner: Zohreh Khazai Gharemani. Sad Afarin!
Also thanks to Simin Habibian

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